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Method Development Axe/Mini Poppet

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    Method Development Axe/Mini Poppet

    I just bought the replacement poppet for the Axe Mini platform from Method. So far I have been able to drop the dwell down to 4.9 (down from 8.0 factory) and it's shooting +/-4 at 285 with my Carbon IC PWR insert barrel and 550PSI PowerHouse reg. It is very consistent and now feels somewhat softer on the shot. It still has the pop to it but not as jarring as stock. I will run it next time I go as my primary and see how well it performs all day, but in testing at the house it does seem to help with performance.

    For a $35 upgrade, it is worth the it to try it out. I will do some more testing and come back with a longer term review, but for short term and initial impressions, I think it was a good investment.

    Here's some things from the PBN thread on it.

    We actually went with a high grade phosphor bronze alloy for better wear characteristics and to adjust the timing a little. It ships with an xring in the rear location as well. We have seen this improve consistency and reliability by a significant margin.

    The poppet is really meant to help prolong the service intervals of the engine. if debris is cycled through the engine it can damage the sealing surface and then the whole bolt guide will need replacement. With this, it should be the last poppet needed.

    This new Method Poppet will allow you to cure any barrel leaks with the use of off the shelf O-Ring while improving tune-ability and consistency.  Features: High Grade Bronze Alloy Body X-Ring Skirt Seal 90 Durometer O-Ring Valve Seal    Fits: Empire Axe, Axe Pro, Axe 2.0 Empire Mini, Mini GS Empire TM7, TM15 Invert Mi
    Markers: Emek | A-Team LV2 | Warrior Axe 2.0 LE | 170R
    Gear: CTRL Hoppers | HK Alpha Air 68/4500 tanks w/Powerhouse Regulators | Carbon IC Barrels
    Clothes: Custom Carbon Zero More Coverage Mask | Multiple Proflex Masks | Carbon SC base layer | Jersey Clinics Jerseys | CK Hefe 2.5 Bandana Pants | Shulook Hiking Shoes
    Home Field: Hoppers, Savannah GA
    Previous Gear
    Share your paintball stories of growing the sport ->

    Really excited that John and Method are developing upgrades like this. I have no doubts just about anything they put out will be quality.

    Hell, this has has me casually looking for axe's just to throw it in and play around with.
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    • ChuckLove


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      Same here. The Axe Pro is the only version that looks ergonomically appealing.

    • Jonnydread


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      I like the Axe that's curvy like a lady

    Oh neat no more cast plastic poppits.... Might need to grab two