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Protoyz Speedster Review

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    I want to buy one but pretty much every store is backordered! I usually use my trusty Rotor (which I've had now for 10+ years) but the Speedster would make for the perfect loaner/back-up loader.
    Playing the game since 1990


      Well, I finally got the test the Speedster I bought a few weeks ago (that was quite a day today: new UL Ninja tank, new DW hAir valve and my first GoPro!). It is absolutely a great loader for the money. As others have said, it is very sturdy, easy to clean and operate. The thing just works. Yeah, it is a bit bulky and on the heavy side, but as budget or loaner loader (I bought it for such a purpose), it fits the bill perfectly.

      There was one thing which many people may see as a hinderance, whereas I realized it may be a plus of sorts : the limited feed rate. Don't expect to go above 10 bps with it. I may have sloooow trigger fingers, but my Emek with Fang trigger + DW hAir valve would outshoot the loader if I really slapped that trigger, which must mean I was hitting easily above 10 bps. For comparison's sake I tried to max out my gun's ROF with my Rotor and there were no skipped shots. And that's where it hit me: if I ever want to limit the ROF on my Emek, I can just use the Speedster. I spent the latter part of the day playing with the Speedster and I could fire rapid or sustained bursts without issues.

      The only other thing I noticed is that it seems to like to have a minimum amount of paintballs to feed well. One game I hadn't realized that I was down to maybe 20 paintballs in the loader and I got skipped shots. I'll keep in mind to have always at least half a pod in it.

      So yeah, I'm very pleased with it.
      Playing the game since 1990