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Protoyz Speedster Review

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  • Cyberpyr8
    Great write up. I think you're right though, for the money I would almost rather have a HK Speed. The Protoyz really seems better suited for the rental market.

    As far as materials, I think the GRN is durable. Having owned several Eteks I think GRN will hold up well over time. I could see this hopper really taking a beating. On a side note, I always find it funny that people knock the Speed for durability. It has the thickest feedneck of any hopper I have ever owned and I have slammed it to the ground and had no issues. I know it feels thin but I think that is just perception that is fragile. Maybe I'm wrong since I don't play snake anymore (at least off the break) and run and slam my gun down hard like I used to. But I have found them to be pretty durable. I had one of mine go bad when the sensor tape stopped working but otherwise I have never had issues with them. I think for the money they are a great hopper and heck even Dynasty uses them at the pro level.

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  • Cdn_Cuda
    Great review! I’m a sucker for these “old style” photo reviews as every one seems to like videos these days. Looking forward to in-game testing.

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  • Meleager7
    great review, so thorough! I think they have a good starter product here. And if they do a speedster II at some point, there are lots of areas to improve, thinner walls, faster motor, etc.

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  • glaman5266
    OK, I used the loader again today (2/28/21), playing airball with a brand new Emek.

    That constant spinning issue I mentioned in the review? It seems to consistently stop after a set time. I think I was simply not letting it time out before I'd fire a clearing shot to stop it. I'm thinking it's a feature, NOT a bug, to make sure paint is in the feedneck. The impellor itself turns rather slow (but stacks 3 between each impellor arm, so it actually feeds pretty quick, see the pic in the above review), so it doesn't have much risk of breaking paint in the hopper.

    Taking that into account, this thing was absolutely perfect all day. No mis-fires, no broken paint, no jams. I ran it on a brand new Emek & purposely railed on it at times to see if it'd skip or break paint. No such thing occurred.

    I feel comfortable saying this hopper was a good buy. Once I understood that the initial spinning upon turning it on is a feature (not a bug), and that I need to be firm with the on/off button I had a great time with it.

    I also noticed the capacity is indeed VERY large. I know I didn't count the rounds for the initial review, but a few times when I dumped a 140rd tube in it throughout the day I'd say to myself "Man, this thing is only 2/3rds full!" Of course, this the high capacity translates into more weight, but it's great for hopper ball. Also, the lid seems to be breaking in. It's a bit easier to open now.

    Overall, I plan on using it more often. I feel comfortable suggesting this to anyone who wants something more than a Revolution but doesn't want to shell out for a Dye LTR or Spire IR. This thing was flawless all day. That said, I do have my preferences (Revolution), but for use on a faster mech do not overlook this loader.
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  • glaman5266
    In-game testing occurred last weekend. Right off the bat I threw the Speedster on my 2k3 Angel LCD so I could tune the marker. Tuning did not go so well, but the loader worked fine. So I put it on my Resurrection, which I ended up using for the entire day. The games were straight-up elimination on a smallish indoor airball field. So speedball.

    I could tell the hopper was heavier than what I'm used to (Revolution, HK Speed). It is noticeable, but for those using a Rotor it won't be much different as far as weight goes. I think it actually feels better than the Rotor due to the weight distribution. The Rotor is much more back-heavy than the Speedster and with the weight of the air bottle I often find myself really fighting the weight when using a Rotor. Then again, I have noodle arms.

    The size of it was only slightly distracting. In the middle of a fierce firefight I didn't really notice it. Only when I was reloading did I notice, but it wasn't too bad. It won't be if you're used to using a Rotor with a high-capacity shell.

    I struggled at times with the lid. The tabs that hold it shut do just that- they REALLY hold it shut. The fastest way to open it is to grab one of the corners, not the middle. Pull one corner loose & the other comes loose as you lift the lid. Once I figured that out my reloading went much more smoothly.

    Speaking of the lid, dumping a tube in this thing feels amazing. No spilled paint, no being careful about how you dump your tubes. The large mouth on this loader is easily my favorite feature. I also felt like I didn't have to reload it as much. I think this thing does hold a true 200 rounds. I feel like this loader would be great for hopper ball.

    I only had one minor issue with the on/off button. But by that day I knew I had to be firm with the button. Only once did it stick and it never stuck with paint (weight) in it.

    One time the impellor would not stop spinning on startup. A clearing shot fixed that. On several occasions it would spin once or twice & then stop/settle. I'm thinking this is normal operation to make sure balls are in the feedneck.

    One very early game I did slice a ball, but I think that was due to my shooting. I know when it happened & I wasn't pulling the trigger correctly. I didn't have any chops, blank shots or jams the rest of the day. Operationally, I'd say this thing was great.

    Overall, this loader performed solidly. Other than the one button hangup & one nonstop impellor turn this thing did exactly what I wanted it to do. I also lent out my Ressy to Mkeeks for a game & she didn't report any issues.

    Like I said in my overview of the loader (posted above), I'm not sure this will be in my regular rotation of loaders due to it's weight but it does indeed do the job, minor quirks aside. I will be sure to use it more & report back.
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  • glaman5266
    started a topic Protoyz Speedster Review

    Protoyz Speedster Review

    OK, after reading a somewhat recent thread on here about midrange hoppers I decided to pick up a Protoyz Speedster to test & review.

    A little background: Protoyz is a child company of Planet Eclipse that primarily makes entry level soft goods. This loader is electric (powered by 4 AA batteries), can be torn down without tools, and is advertised to feed 10 balls/second. It is priced at roughly $65 USD.

    I will post a description & relevant information for each photo. And I have a lot of photos, lol. I resized the images to save space, but they should give you a good idea of what this loader is about. The first post will be about the loader itself. The second post will be detailing my experience using it for the first time in a game setting.

    To start off, here’s the box it came in, as well as the loader itself. Simple one-page, double-sided instructions are included.

    Here are other views of the loader. The “square” on the front is how it hooks into the top shell. The “hump” on the underside is where the motor is inside the shell.

    I don’t like this button. The outer, clear button moves around a bit & sometimes does not get a positive press on the inner button on the board. Might just be my particular loader, might not. When it’s loaded with paint, though, the weight seems to settle the inner tray a bit so I get a positive press. When it’s empty I get positive presses with a firm push. This isn’t a button you just press lightly. Also, the button blinks green at a medium pace when it’s on.

    For those wanting a balanced weight distribution, you’re in luck. With batteries This loader stands on it’s feedneck perfectly.

    I love/hate this lid. It’s awesome because it’s the largest opening I’ve ever seen on a hopper. It’s a pain because the little latches that lock the lid down are very stiff. It’ll definitely need some breaking in. As of this writing there are no speedfeeds made for this loader. However, I did find that PaintballDNA makes an adapter to use an Exalt speedfeed. It’s an interesting idea, but it kind of defeats the purpose of the large opening in my opinion. I’ll admit I’m biased against speedfeeds, but I’m sure PaintballDNA’s adapter is a welcome sight for some. Here’s a link for it:

    The inside, showing the impellor. The impellor does not spin very fast, about the speed of a 12V Revolution, if not slightly slower. However, note the little raceway. That will allow several to be stacked up & ready to go into the feedneck.

    Taking it apart. This is not the easiest loader to tear down (not Rotor-easy), but it is indeed toolless. To start, you push down on the sliding clip with the cupped-looking surface. Then you pull the tab above it to the center of the loader. This will release the top shell.

    Push the front tab out/away and lift the front of the inner tray to remove it.

    Ta-da! Board, motor, & battery placement. Pretty self-explanatory.

    In this picture, you’ll see little “tabs” where the included .50 cal adapter is inserted. This, of course, converts it to a .50 cal loader. This is also where the eyes for the loader are located, similar to a Revolution.

    The .50 cal adapter & a spare button. The spare button cannot be depressed when installed. There’s a tiny hole in the back where you can insert an allen wrench to push the inner button to turn it on. This could be good for rental use because it allows the field to just turn it on & the renter can’t mess with it. Set it and forget it.

    OK, size comparisons. I tried taking the best pictures I could, so I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect.

    Side-by-sides. This loader is rather large. In fact, it’s the largest loader I own. In order, the pics are comparing the Speedster to a Dye LTR, HK Army/Pinokio Speed, and a Viewloader Revolution. It’s slightly larger than the LTR, but note the feedneck location. The LTR is backheavy compared to the Speedster. Also note that the Revolution is a fair bit taller than the Speedster.

    Top-down pictures. The Speedster is pretty wide.

    How it sits/looks on a few markers. Side & behind shots. Markers are my Etek 5, 2k3 Angel LCD, and Empire Resurrection. The loader is rather large, but I also think the lighting is making it look larger than what it really is. Forgive the lighting. Personally, I think it looks pretty good on anything with matte black anno or GRN construction.

    I filled it to capacity with two plain 32 Degrees 140-ish round tubes. It took one tube & maybe a third of the second tube, making it about 200 rounds, possibly more. The paint I used is probably a little swelled due to age. I’d bet this thing holds over 200 rounds, though I haven’t actually counted them all.

    The feed rate is advertised at 10 BPS. I have not tested this on an electro yet, but I found a Youtube video that demonstrates it being used on a MacDev Prime. The counter on the marker shows it hitting over 10 BPS, suggesting it can somewhat keep up with NXL ramping. Here’s a link to that video (test starts at 15 mins):

    One thing I did notice is when you turn it on & it’s loaded it might not sense a ball even though there is one there, and the impellor would make several revolutions. Sometimes it stops after a couple turns, a couple times during my play day it did not. This only happened when I turned it on while loaded. This is shown in the above video when the guy turns the hopper on. If for some reason it does not stop rotating, one shot seems to sort of “reset” it, but you could also just turn it on & then load it. Or leave it on all the time or turn it on at game start. Kind of quirky. I’m OCD about this stuff though, so I turn all my stuff on/off all the time. Could just be my actions. When I had this happen I was using green-shelled GI Field paint. Testing it at home I had it happen once with some old Empire Evil, though that stopped after a few revolutions.

    Overall impressions-

    -Large capacity. Would be great for hopper ball.
    -LARGE lid opening. I like this very much.
    -Heavy-duty GRN construction. Not sure if it’s Rotor durable, but it seems very sturdy.
    -Priced between a Revolution and the Dye LTR/Virtue Spire IR at roughly $65 USD. I think this is a good price point considering it’s performance.
    -Feeds well. I haven’t tested this on an electro (other than for tuning an Angel), but on my Resurrection it fed perfectly when I played this past weekend.
    -.50 cal compatible.

    -Poor on/off button. It works, but requires a firm push.
    -Large size. Yes, this loader has a large capacity, but because of that it’s also very large. Pick one or the other.
    -Weight. This weighs almost as much a Dye LTR. However, I’d bet it’s capacity is higher.
    -Somewhat quirky when turning it on when loaded. UPDATE ON THIS. SEE POST #3 BELOW.

    I think this is a good option for those wanting faster feeding than a Revolution but don’t want to spend the money on a Dye LTR or Virtue Spire IR. This would face stiff competition from the HK Army/Pinokio Speed though, being just a little more expensive & feeding a bit better. However, I personally feel the build quality HK Speed is suspect. I don’t care for the materials it’s built with. I feel like I need to be careful with the HK Speed, but not with the Speedster. I feel at times I can outshoot my Revolution, but I didn’t feel that way with the Speedster last weekend. However, the weight difference is definitely noticeable (I regularly use my Revolution & HK Speed hoppers). It is definitely larger & almost as heavy as my LTR (empty weight), but I think it sits better on my markers. I like the feedneck placement in the middle of the loader. I personally think it also looks good visually. Simplicity is king in my book, and I think this will look good on any marker with GRN parts or matte black anno.

    Overall, I think this is a solid loader. Needs a bit of refinement, especially with the on/off button design, but I think it’s priced well for what you get. Just be aware of the little quirks, like the on/off button & turning it off/on when loaded. This would be good for rec & mechanical play, but I think if you’re going to be shooting NXL ramping or any hair trigger electro without eyes you may as well go the next step up to a HK Army Speed, Dye LTR, or Virtue Spire IR. Also, if you are comfortable with a Revolution & you’ve never needed any more than that, then you’ll likely not benefit from the Speedster. Also, considering the Speedster’s quirks, I think the Revolution is a better-designed (read: more idiot-proof) loader. Not that the Speedster is poorly designed- more that the Revolution's design has stood the test of time & isn't as quirky to operate. The Speedster obviously has it beat in the feed rate & teardown departments, though. Quirks aside, the Speedster is fairly well designed and performs well enough for it's price point.

    I’m not sure if this will be a regularly-used loader for me, but I’ll use it a few more times & provide more feedback.

    Feel free to post questions & comments. And thank you for reading.
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