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Planning to return

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    Doodlebug Sportz (DBS) for speedball, Forest Fire and KC Crusaders for woods. I think KC has an air ball field too, though.



      Age wise we have pretty much everything at my local field. Oldest regular is around 60. Smart parts killed AKA, they can't produce an electronic paintball marker anymore. Eclipse is the current king. They make really quality gear.

      Warpfeeds will need to be bought used, qloaders are a PITA in my honest opinion. Fiddly, hold less than a pod, and can break. Let alone all the junk you need to carry around. AGD who made the warp feed went away for a while and came back, they didn't close, just went quiet. They haven't made them in 10+ years. I'm not a big fan of braided hose, Ninja makes excellent remote lines. The Proconnect is wonderful, push a button and you can disconnect the air and it's sealed to the extremely flexible line, shove it back on the marker and it airs up instantly. They still make giant ass tanks, most people don't run larger than a 90 anymore since markers are way more efficient. You might need a big one for the blazer lol.

      The wait for the blazer will probably be a while. Craig is a nice dude, but it's not uncommon to wait almost a year for anything. My buddy sent him a marker to nickel plate before Covid was ever a thing and it took over 8 months. He got it back and used it a grand total of 2 times before he moved lol. I can't comment on new builds, but from what I've gathered over the years you're in for at least a month or two wait. Nobody will care that you're using a blazer either. If they do they're a wiener.

      You don't need much to be effective on the field. I commonly play hopper ball with a 60 round hopper on my T2 (CCM pump marker). It's patience, knowing when to move, and knowing when to shoot. Remember to communicate too.

      Unfortunately I only have 2 friends up north, and neither have been playing due to covid and what not. Both moved up there right before it happened.

      Hope you enjoy coming back!


        I think an Emek with some upgrades would have been a better choice over a Blazer in every single category except nostalgia reasons, plus you wouldn't be waiting for who knows how long for the Blazer and you'd have alot of leftover cash to actually get out and play.


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          Hardly every category lol. It is very light which I don't like, it is made of plastic which I don't like, it has terrible ridges all of the grip which I don't like, the space between the front grip and trigger is too long, it doesn't have any feedback in the trigger, it doesn't look good,` etc etc.

          I just don't really care about things like air efficiency, fire rate, weight or cost so long as it was under my $1K budget. I could easily have bought a used ion for $100 that ramps all day if I cared to. I wanted something personalized that feels like a tank in my hands and gives me some feedback. I am sure the Emek is great, but it doesn't really have anything for me to enjoy about it. Better is relative to the metrics one uses after all.