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Knee Pad Recommendations? 15 year hiatus with never using them before

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    Knee Pad Recommendations? 15 year hiatus with never using them before

    So I know pads can definitely be completely preference, however, I have definitely heard there are some pads that you should stay away from and also different pads for different scenarios. I have been playing for the past year or so after a 15 year hiatus and have definitely started playing more aggressively. I play a lot of snake and lower bunkers that I find myself sliding into and kneeling a lot. I play both indoor turf as well as outside fields. The last couple tournaments I have played I have really torn up my knees/shins. I have been primarily looking at the HK crash CTX and Dye performance kneepads but wanted opinions from people who have used them and even better if they have compared them to other pads. Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing the feedback.

    Im not one who wears em enough, but I have an old pair of redz knee pads from a craigslist buy. And they are pretty darn nice.


      these are the ones I use : Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads : Sports & Outdoors, I actually have two sets, one I use for paintball and one set I use for ice skating (I'm not a good skater). the mobility in them is really good and they stay in place well. I also have the matching sleeves for my elbows and forearms when I play paintball.


        I used a pair of Planet Eclipse from 2010 up until recently. Abut two years ago I got new ones from PE that are very similar. I have never regretted buying PE knee/elbow pads. I wash and dry them regularly they hold up well and stay put.


          I did not like Exalt pads, very uncomfortable. Bunch up in the back and slide around. Eclipse pads have a lot of good reviews, but they are very bulky. I have tried them on before but never in a game. Was hard to fit pants around them. Dye pads hold up great but I found they pinched the back of the leg too much.

          I have been using the Hydra "Black" knee pads and they have been the best knee pads I have used out of all the different ones I have tried. Compression fit, made very well, don't slide around, very low profile. The sizing seems to be true to their chart. I had tried a size up and that worked but after time they started to move around so I went with the size down and they have been excellent.
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          Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
          Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


            I use Icon knee and shin guards combo. I have them for years, I do lots of dropping down, sliding even at this age. Towards the middle or end of the day lots of guys are moving slower, complaining about the abuse they put on their knees that are now flaring up.

            I have never had that issue. Icons are build for motorcycle riding, hard and very tough on the outside. They have stood up damn well for years. On the inside the padding is awesome, still great condition and I dont feel a thing when I drop down.


            • JaggedX5593
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              any issues with taking breaks off those with them being a harder outside vs people saying they wear pads because it allows for more bounces?

            I used to use nothing till i got tired of my knees fucking killing me the day after play. I would dive jean only into jagged concrete block piles and wonder why I couldn't run for two three days in P.E.

            take care of your body. Think smart and wonder if you really want to live your golden years in a wheelchair high on pain pills. I wore some old foam invert knee pads i got in a Craigslist lot for awhile till a guy showed me his fancy gel fit construction knee pads. Its kind of weird to wear all that on your knees but im grateful my body doesn't hurt me now and i want to keep it that way as long as possible
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            • devilzcall
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              Those look nice for scenario play where you might spend half an hour on your knees behind cover. They look a bit heavy for running

            I have not been hit on Icon knee/shin guards very much, I cant even remember the last time i was hit on them. Besides dirt on them, they do not have paint on them. If you are getting hit on the knee or shin guards, that means you are dragging/leaving your legs out in the open. you are not tight enough and keeping your legs under you enough. not only will you be shot on them, but also keep yourself from moving fast when you need to.


              I have been through a bunch, and the virtue breakout ones are by far my favorite. They fit well, don’t move around, offer great protection, but aren’t super bulky. They are easy to fit under paintball or normal pants, and don’t really restrict movement like some of the bigger pads. One of the best pieces of gear I have bought


                I have a pair of older Kali pads that have aged well. I can't say that I've worn them a lot, but they are still elastic and in good shape for the times I do wear them. Almost too protective, letting me slide into places that I shouldn't get in the habit. I generally prefer a set of padded pants for sun, mosquitoes, and thorns.



                  I Really liked my planet eclipse kneepads but eventually they got a bit tight. They have a really dense foam outer layer that feels protictive enough that I don't need to worry about dropping on concrete or rocks but is still light and flexible enough that it doesn't feel like wearing a hardshell.
                  I still wear a padded set of pbrack flow pants over them, but the rigid fabric that it has for its knees seems more for durability than protection and i do feel a bit naked when not wearing pads underneath.
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                    I picked up a set of HK Crash pads and like them a lot.
                    I could have sworn I had something important to put here...
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                      Leatt Airflex Pro.

                      Mountain bike knee pads, designed to be comfortable, and move.



                      • FredMnkyDad10


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                        I paid 100-130 for the Icon motorcycle types. Have last 10yrs and saved my knees and shins. Well worth it and likely wont have to buy another pair.

                      • Stilgar


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                        I only have 2 knees...

                        $140 for a pair of pads I wear weekly, are super comfortable, work for two sports, and ensure my knees dont break when I crash! Yeah, worth it!

                        Don't ask what I have spent on helmets and other bike gear LOL

                      • Mr. Hick

                        Mr. Hick

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                        Just a quick question I have for those of us with rampant middle age man hair... How bad do these things pull on the hair? If you wear them a couple times do you start to noticed bald spots on your thighs and calves?

                      I think the Hydra Blacks or the Bunker King Supremes are the best paintball specific kneepads on the market.


                        Originally posted by Spider! View Post
                        I generally prefer a set of padded pants for sun, mosquitoes, and thorns.
                        This is my preference as well. UNDR makes great pants. If you opt for padding it goes from mid-thigh all the way down to the ankle. I can run through the brush & brambles without my shins getting torn up.
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