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Knee Pad Recommendations? 15 year hiatus with never using them before

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    I’m not the biggest fan of HK but they make some great soft goods. There knee and elbow pads are nice there packs are really good to currently.


      I tried paintball ones before, but honestly they weren't really optimized for the problems that I have. I don't need to slide, or really take big impacts, what I need is to be able to lean and kneel on my knees. So I started looking through McDavid's offerings (they have knee pads for a bunch of sports) and I found the 410s to work really well for me, also purchasable with HSA or FSA money which is nice. They aren't meant for any sport though lol, they are meant as support for minor strains and pain but, the nice soft pad while staying in place was exactly what I needed for my play style, plus I can fit them under baggy paintball pants or on top of Rothco BDUs without issue.

      They aren't super cheap $27 for one, so $54 but, so far I am very happy with them I also bought them with HSA money and I am sure they are much cheaper than the doctor would be if I mess my knees up. I use some JT elbow pads that I am not the happiest with and I will probably look for something designed for support with minimal padding to replace them, as I don't need hard slide pads or huge bounce surfaces for my play style.


        I bought a pair of Carbon ones, haven’t tried them yet since I don’t need them in the cold season.
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          Through the years, I've had JT neoprene pads, then upgraded version of those with straps. Then went to the large dye pads, then the planet eclipse large pads. Last year I swapped over to the Hydrafit ones -

          I used them for Monster Game in MI, mostly for crawling around, and never having to worry about what I was putting my knees on. They are basically padded knee braces. They stayed up (under my pants) and just worked.


            I will second the Exalt pads that Brandon posted, however they work really well for me in particular because I have huge calves. Reviews I've read have complained that they are too loose at the bottom, so that was actually an advantage for me.


            • Jonnydread


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              This was my experience with Exalt pads in the past too. Although even then I had to buy 2XL (I'm usually a L)

            I’ve worn mountain biking leg pads under my paintball pants for years. Not much soft padding, but good shin and knee protection from cuts and scrape and very easy to move in.

            I recently got a pair of Dye knee pads with some gear and tried to put them on…. Try being the key word. They were size large and I couldn’t get the even to my knee. My legs are pretty much the only part of me that are very muscular, so unless you are of the chicken-legged variety, go big!
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              Hydra fit knee pads are probably one of the best I've worn since coming back and it's a local favorite at all the fields near me. They have two kinds. The classic is more of a knee compression pad. They are thinner and light. I use them for work at the shop. And their black knee pad series are thicker, cut resistant,and low profile. I use the black knee pads for rec play. They feel really good and comfortable. They even have a size chart to measure your leg to order right size. I highly recommend them. They have good customer support as well!



                While JaggedX5593 is my nephew, he knows my preferences in knee protection and support. Something that he doesn't know tho...
                I have a feeler out to the Old Bones owner. There may be something there for their products, outside of skake/bmx/etc...?
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                  It may sound stupid, but the best knee/shin pads I've ever used were the old SmartParts renegade pads after I completely removed the upper knee velcro strap. They were pretty simple foam pads with 3 elastic bands that went around the ankle, mid-calf, and upper calf. The knee part just flapped around, but my pants would keep anyone from knowing that. This setup worked great for my 5'10", ~280-300lb self as I predominately played as a front man when hitting the speedball fields. The pads could never slide down because they pressed against the top of my shoes, and wouldn't slide up because very little force ever went in that direction - plus the ankle strap. Mostly, though, it was about the comfort the setup had when I was running around giant woodsball fields during scenario games on 80-90deg days. And they were thick enough that I never thought twice about sliding or jumping into anything. I remember the few times I decided not to put them on for a quick game ended in some painful events, like splintering part of my tibia when I did a ~5ft drop to a knee and landed on something under the leaves.
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                    Yup had a pair of Tiger Stripe ones that I used that way. I even crossed the upper and mid straps so the would lock on the the back of my calf and cut off the knee strap. Wish I still had them but they eventually wore out doing MOUT site games [concrete is hard on the fabric and foam]. I look for them on ebay occasionally but never find them.

                  Originally posted by Chuck E Ducky View Post
                  I’m not the biggest fan of HK but they make some great soft goods. There knee and elbow pads are nice there packs are really good to currently.
                  I've been running the same knee pads since the early 1990s - black Trace knee pads. I forget who in the paintball world was endorsing them at the time, but they're basically just neoprene foam volleyball knee pads. Back then, they weren't making paintball-specific ones, so I believe players were just using softball/volleyball ones. Anyhow, they proved to be decent for me, and anytime I needed to get down, they saved my knees from rocks and such. Over time the fabric has torn and the neoprene has split down the middle. While still wearable, these things should have been retired years ago (not unlike myself). So, when I spotted this thread I thought the advice would help direct me towards the latest and greatest.

                  As I know and trust my old buddy Chuck E Ducky, I figured I take his advice on the HK Army line. I ordered a pair of camo Crash ones from Action Village (off their eBay store) and have to say that 'ol Chucky steered me wrong. Don't worry, I still love ya buddy, but these HK pads are straight up garbage. I removed them from the packaging and went to un-do one of the velcro straps below the knee pad which instantly created a small tear the ultra-flimsy fabric that goes around your leg - underneath the padding itself. Everything about these feels cheap. There is no way I could get the longevity out of these that I got out of my Trace pads - not that this is a realistic expectation by any means. But these honestly don't look like they'd last me a season, and I only play about 4 - 5 games a year - maybe. So I say F HK. These are getting shipped back ASAP.

                  I'll check out the Exalt, but do need something well-made that will not only provide protection, but stay in place while struggling to fit over my fat legs. I may end up going the non-paintball route, but ultimately want these to last a few years.

                  EDIT: I just checked out the Exalt and their sizing won't fit me. I'm now focusing on non-paintball pads.

                  EDIT 2: I've opted for the Hydra black. I'll post up my thoughts when they get in.
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                  • Chuck E Ducky

                    Chuck E Ducky

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                    😂 I like my HK pads but looking at them they are not the crash pads they are currently selling maybe they are a few years older. Mine have two straps top and bottom. They are different then the ones you ordered. Honestly I’m buying Planet Eclipse next time. I think they make the best ones. I found the hydra to be thin and slid down on me. Maybe I needed a smaller size.

                  Just tried out my Carbons and they are wayyyyyy too small on me. I have tree trunk legs, so I'm not super duper surprised, but I did follow the measurement chart so it's a bit of a bummer. I've been doing a lot of cardio lately so maybe I'll fit into them by summer, we'll see.
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                    I guess the general consensus of HK Army soft goods being absolute garbage is true. I’ve read too many anecdotes about their gear not holding up, and seen some of the HK gear some regulars have at the field, that I’m completely convinced everyone should steer clear.

                    I just came off the Carbon CC knee pads and I’ve used my Hyrda Blacks the two times I’ve been out this year and I’m not sure if I’m ready to give them my full stamp of approval, yet. But I will say that these two times out playing, by the time I’m ready to pack it up I have NOT wanted to rip the knee pads off ASAP. That’s a first for me and any pair of knee pads I’ve had so far. They’re also the easiest to put on and take off. True test will be the hot and humid summer.


                    • iamthelazerviking
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                      Yeah, seems like HK is hit or miss with quality...mostly a miss. I avoid them. I am happy with the Hydra Black pads: low profile, comfortable, don't move around a ton, do what they are meant to do. I find myself not needing to mess with them nearly as much as any other pads I have tried.