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Coming back since about 2014

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    Played today for the first time in a long time. Had a blast, met some guys around my age who started playing this year. Was also able to make a kid's day, he was playing with a rental and I let him use my Proto SLG for a couple games while I played pump. Little dude had a blast.

    Funny moment of the day: first game I was out playing pump some agglet walked up to me and said I needed a bigger hopper, lol.
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    • Cyberpyr8
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      Welcome back.  Great job letting the rental kid use the SLG.  He'll remember that for a long time.

    • zinger565


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      Thanks! Yeah, his dad was really appreciative. Nice folks, the kind of people I want to see stick to the game.

    • FullContactUSA
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      I remember showing up any given weekend at our home field and spending a quarter of the day fixing some kids guns on a regular basis. Off the field it's all about growing the sport.

      Take some 12 year olds broke spider, hand them my impulse and tell them to have fun, what could go wrong.

    Originally posted by BrickHaus View Post
    I dunno what celestial force caused it, but it seems a ton of 30 somethings and older have jumped back into the sport this year. Its really making for an awesome vibe.
    30 year old checking trying to find some decent gear and a gun to dip my feet back in again on occasion, lol


      Welcome back. Always good to see more returnees.

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        Welcome buddy

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          Careful MCB will drain your wallet.

          #1 Find a good mask that fits you.
          What type of paintball you looking to play?
          What type of marker you looking for?