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Loader suggestions?

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    Loader suggestions?

    Like so many folks around here it seems, I want to get back into the game after about 10-15 years out. I played religiously for 10 years then slowed down as life got in the way and teams fell apart. I lost the majority of my gear in a flood 10 years ago but a matrix, an ego, and a few things that were on the second floor survived. As I start assembling some new kit, I'm trying to decide on a new loader. I ran halos, some with Boost kits and v35 boards, but they seem to have gone the way of the Buffalo. Since it appears the rare-of-fire arms race has ended I don't quite understand the 200$ price tags on some loaders these days.

    Do yall have any preferences, and why one loader is the way to go?

    Sidebar... (and this might be like asking the girlfriend is she knows your Ex) Are any of the other old guys from Warpig floating around here?


      For modern rates of fire, a revvy is doable but may skip shots here and there if firing sustained.

      I like the Valken Vmax+. It's basically an eggy done right. Good quality shell and quick takedown, no frills. It's semi force fed (paddles in a catch cup, no additional pressure on the ballstack), so it will keep up with modern rof and be gentle on paint.

      If you want fast, the Rotor series is the best option (LTR is the best value). They're the fastest conventional loaders. Not really necessary unless you want to fire something without eyes very fast. It's also a little rough on paint.

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      • Grendel


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        These would be my exact recommendations. Both the Vmax+ and the Rotor are super reliable and can keep up with pretty much anything and are relatively reasonably priced. I still have and use my Revys the most if using any form of power feeder because I have them and they still work.

      I have a Pinokio Speed and I really like it, gentle on paint, light and feeds pretty quick. It's another semi-force type loader, not going to be able to feed 20bps, but should keep up fine with the norm for these days.
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        My go to is the Rotor LTR it will keep up with everything work on everything and is $100 new. None of the stupid useless garbage the new hoppers come with. They work phenomenal on Anything it will feed faster then you can shoot, battery life is amazing, take the best speed feeds on the market (exalt) and are the durable long lasting tool less hoppers. You can’t beat the LTR @$100. Anything with good detents and shoots fast I wouldn’t use anything but a LTR. Only downside is it’s sound like your making margaritas when you shoot it empty.

        Pump large cap (200) Revvy
        Pump mid cap (100) Sport Shot
        Pump Low cap (50-75) JOLO

        Revvy today will do the job just fine as rate of fire has slowed and caps are placed on game play 99.9% of the time. However new Mech markers can out shoot them pretty easily hence the reason I recommend the LTR. You can mod the revvy to feed a lil faster and you can get a good speed feed for them. It will work fine for most play styles. So it depends on your budget. Assuming you play some speedball shooing a DM and Ego from back in the day. Your going to like the profile of the LTR rotor better IMO.

        Pinocchio speed is another great hopper think faster feeding revvy in a great profile. They can have issues fitting in some feed necks but the way they sit on a marker is super nice. Great field of view and a tight lil package.


          I still just use my Revy. they never seem to die. Eventually a shell or lid cracks and breaks, but one has never let me down on the field. I have three rotors and they have died several times mid game on me.

          I rarely play electro so the Revy is more than enough speed for me. Most times I will just use a 9volt revy during rec play since it would be very odd for me to shoot a burst of more than 4 balls at one time.


          • Chuck E Ducky

            Chuck E Ducky

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            If a Rotor jams because the batteries are dead or it’s got debris in the Gear Mech. People forget to change them because they last most people all season and they have no low battery indicator. Fresh batteries is probably all you needed. But I agree the Revvy rocks I love mine.

          They're not the greatest, but a Halo Too is a tougher Halo B that doesn't jam quite as much. Half the price of an LTR if cost is a driver.

          I run an old Rotor, and an older Revvy. I don't understand the draw of a $200 loader either
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            Originally posted by FullContactUSA View Post
            I don't quite understand the 200$ price tags on some loaders these days.
            Features mainly, I'm not saying they are not overpriced but you do at least get done features for that high price tag

            The other big thing is most modern hoppers are made of a nylon composite for the shell material, it makes the hoppers much more durable but also hikes the price.

            If you want something you are familiar with look into a "halo too" they are usually around $80, basically are an empire reloader B and as long as you get it in matte black, it's a nylon composite shell. Takes all standard halo upgrades

            The LTR is a good hopper, they are pretty much a first generation rotor with the bugs fixed. I still have a first generation rotor. Only thing besides batteries is needed is a board. $20 and it was a known issue that only crops up in rotors that are pretty old, 10ish years

            I personally like the spire ir. I think for the price it offers a good assortment of features that won't leave you wanting in the short to medium term. 2 guys on my team run them and really enjoy them. You can even add a few upgrades down the road if you want

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              My favorites are my two old Rotors with the high capacity top shells. Bulletproof and reliable, and the constant positive pressure on the ball stack really helps eliminate chops with blind mechs. The current equivalent of the original Rotor is the LT-R, which uses compatible outer shells (just without the windows), so it shares lids and speedfeeds with the original.

              I also have a Spire IR2 with the 260 capacity shell as well as a Halo Too. The Spire works pretty well, though it sometimes pulses unnecessarily. That is often fixable by moving it a fraction of an inch up or down in the feedneck (so that the narrow contact point between two balls isn't aligned with the IR sensors). Sometimes it is just going to pulse a bit anyway, and I suspect that paintballs of certain colors or maybe shell glossiness are bouncing the IR beam around inside the neck. The upside with the IR2 is that it has a slimmer vertical profile than the Rotor and is a bit lighter. Very gentle on paint and unlikely to jam, but doesn't feed as fast and consistently as the Rotor. I use the Spire only with electronic markers. The Halo Too was a gift from when I first returned to paintball after 20 years. It feeds reasonably well, and with the Rip Drive installed it is easy to clear jams. Because of its height and weight and what a pain in the ass it is to disassemble (clamshell design with screws), the Halo has been relegated to loaner/backup status.

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                LT-R. A little heavier than others but built like a tank and work really well. Can feed anything. Just be sure to have the tension not too high or you will run into jamming. I got rid of all my other loaders.
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                  • JeepDVLZ45


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                    Ok, now that is out of the way,…when I DO run a loader (besides a Whinny) it’s always a Rotor (simple, “cheap” and effective)

                  And new hoppers like Rotorrs and Spires all have way better battery life than the Halos. New hopper will save you a bundle on batteries.
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                    I got a couple used Rotors awhile back for ~$40 each, and never had any problems.
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                      Another plus for the Vmax+ is that Bud Orr uses one. So you get whatever the opposite of AGG points are.

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                      • FullContactUSA
                        FullContactUSA commented
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                        I didn't know bud Orr was still alive. He sold me my cocker, autographed the box for me but I'm sure that's gone by know. Gun probably needs to be tuned and I lost the 'Outkast' sticker off it. But I think it will be my mech gun on my return.

                      • Chuck E Ducky

                        Chuck E Ducky

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                        Still plays 10 man to. Actually played a point against his team “The Band” at woodsball World Cup. It’s a team made up of all the OG in paintball.

                      • zinger565


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                        I think might have an "Outkast" jewel if you want to replace it FullContactUSA

                      Spire IR. all day every day. 100% the way to go,
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