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What about returning to the sport?

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    Originally posted by Silvester17847 View Post
    Jebus Crabst I'm old!!!

    I haven't played in about 15 years and the markers that were cutting edge tech wonders back then are "classics" now? WTF?

    I'm strongly considering playing again after reading some of this thread and watching some YouTube. I was never competitive back in the day with my mod'd NelSpot and 68 Carbine, but it sounds like the game is coming back around to the early days when a pair of 20 man teams could spend half a hour on a 5 acre field and maybe shoot three balls per man...

    I love the magfed revolution that appears to be dominating recball!
    Where are you playing where magfed has that much of a following with the walk-ons?
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      Originally posted by ChoSanJuan View Post
      Where are you playing where magfed has that much of a following with the walk-ons?
      I haven't started playing again, yet...

      Liberty in NY just had a magfed day a few weeks back. I played there a few times before life hit.
      EMR just had a magfed day this past weekend in Pa, south of Binghamton. I played there several big games before life hit.

      I see a lot of magfed videos out of Europe on YouTube.

      Don't burst my bubble.... :-)


      • Chuck E Ducky

        Chuck E Ducky

        Editing a comment
        North East has a huge Mag Fed seen. You should check out the one a Capital Combat Zone.

      Magfed is kind of like an evolution of pump play...I dig it


        I enjoy magfed if it's more of a limited-paint setup. Box mags and strapping oneself to the teeth isn't my cup of tea.
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          Magfed is looking like the fun of recball that got me into the sport with the same personal limitations ($) that kept me from continuing to play when the electros took over.
          I have a few old junkers I'm going to tinker with to convert to magfed and see how it goes from there. I can't afford 57 magazines across multiple platforms the same as I could never afford to spray & pray a case of paint per game - at my pinnacle I would buy a case to play a weekend long scenerio with a mech-semi and end up taking 1/3 or more home.


            I don't like mag fed because I like stock class better. 10 cent tubes vs 20 dollar magazines. I don't like to have to worry so much about the gear.


              Most people playing mag are cosplaying their favorite FPS. They are attracted to the tan colored plastic more than the style of play. They are often new players and therefore don’t really have a great deal of opinions on the style of play.

              There are for sure actual mag fans who know what they are doing, but it’s also true that some people who own a Corvette actually know how to drive it...the exception rather than the rule. I think with a lot of these guys, the 18 year olds, it’s maybe their first gun or nearly.

              I just hope the fans of mag who moved “down”, as it were, from real paintball guns because of less paint-crazy play style, or maybe they came from airsoft and they want less cheating, whatever, I just hope they have tried normal old pump guns. They’d save a ton of money for one thing, and they wouldn’t have to haul all that plastic crap back to the staging area with them.

              Seriously guys, go buy a open class Trracer and play a few games with that. If you’re not happy I’ll comp you the $42.67.


                I've considered giving airsoft and honest try because there are a lot of serious airsofters up in the bay area. For mil sim style mag fed, its the way to go.

                Tan plastic not my bag


                  Hey Cunha you should come down to San Luis Obispo and play at Gladiator Paintball on December 5-6. We are having a Pump vs Magfed game over 2 days. Camping onsite is available, and i'm sure you'll be able to see every Mag-fed configuration out there.
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                    I don't even want to say the words mag fed outloud man.

                    It's one thing to like first strike ballz. Mag fed is another matter to me.

                    I would consider being mr money bags and just playing first strike exclusively for the super hacker range.

                    Gladiator does sound fun, I've been there once it wasn't a bad racket.