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Reviving paintball in your area

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    There she is, in tee hass

    Click image for larger version

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      I just gotta say XPO shipping co sucks. Shipped me the wrong field, damn bill of landing said AR and they blamed it on the qr sticker gheezz. I gues my field will be here soon but who knows lol


        I was starting to build some portable panel bunkers for the lot in the country I lived on. I was using 2x2" boards to make frames, with panoflex stapled to one side. I had two rolls of the stuff at the time. I only built a few, but it was easy to make squares, rectangles, and triangles. I linked them together as needed using a couple of eyebolts on the edges of each, with a piece of rebar going through them into the ground. Pull that out, stack 'em in the truck bed.
        If you have a local field, get students to want to come out. College or high school, you can trade a free field fee and/or equipment rental for an "A" on a report card. If it's free, they'll come out. At that age, they won't come alone.
        I've played for 25 years, and I'll play at any field. If it's a bunch of newbies, I'll just play mech or pistol, and put myself at a level tgat keeps the challenge up.


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          I went with the air ups because i didnt want it to look like a junk yard lol, theres no local fields so hopfully im the local. Working on a place to put them, we get alot of wind in SE Idaho so i have my eye on a old gravel pit. Should help with wind and the need for excessive netting

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          Number six do you have any pictures of your bunkers?

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          I don't have pics. I made three of them, about 6 years before I had a smartphone lol. They were just panels that used rebar as simultaneous hinge pins and and anchors.

        Create an atmosphere catering more to newbs and rec players. when I changed my focus from all types of players to rec players and a heavy emphasis on newbs, my customer pool grew faster and larger. People want to have fun not get dominated, bonus balled, yelled at or experience hit wiping every game. change the games up regularly or even let them have choice with presented options on games or what constitutes a hit. also pace of game and down time between games matters. and if youve got a team that honestly sucks, try to balance them out or give the winning team a handicap of some kind.
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          This is really cool. I'd like to make my own field someday and seeing your progress is inspiring 😎 I'll be checking up on this thread to see how it goes for you.


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            Thanks, once i gather everything up ill start a follow me thread lol

          Well xpo really sucks, they screwed everything going outta texas lol. We got the green gel blaster field were just gunna keep it im tired to waiting lol. Ill get pics later today


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              Gotta be honest, takes a bit to get the te has off these. Only 8 or so bunkers in on 58 lol


                Still cleaning up, been busy got a compressor waiting, just gotta pick it up. Snake beams Click image for larger version

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