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Difficulty getting players

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    Me and most of my boys are near your outlaw field and have been itching to play since the local field which shall not be named is so expensive these days, and also no one seems to ever be there when we show up.

    If you would be interested in hosting us,especially for some pump only play feel free to reach out, looking at my 2 un opened cases from the last few big games we can probably show up with like 7 or 8 of us ranging from an 11 year old kid to and a few first timers/newbies to much more experienced players, we always need a place to dump leftover paint!


      Originally posted by robertsr View Post
      I'm in Waynesboro, VA (just around the corner and over the mountain from Charlottesville), and regularly drove 2+ hours to play when I was playing every month or so. Been years since I've see a field, but I'd happily drag my OFG butt to either of yours if you want to IM some details. I have a MicroMag I've never shot, and forgot that I owned. It's far past time for me to get out somewhere.
      Feel free to join my group's Facebook page if you want. We post up announcement and details there. Our first game for this season will hopefully be November 13th, assuming we get enough players. We have players from Richmond and Leesburg, so you wouldn't be the only one with a long commute.

      We do have some unusual house rules. We play that all hits count, even if they don't break, and you can't carry extra paint onto the field. But we also have respawns, and you can refill while you're dead. The games have a good, medium pace, and we typically only have 8-12 players. So it's relaxed and low-key. We'd love to have you.

      That applies to you too, KingSlinky. If you're a good sport and not too overly competitive, we'd love to have you.
      View my feedback or read about my Virginia woodsball club.

      Let me make you something. I build pneumags, auto-response frames, and wooden pill cases.


      • KingxSlinky666


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        We take sportsmanship pretty seriously in our crew, we are happy to tailor the competition back to suit the environment, back yards woods ball we're probably just playing with phantoms and having fun.

        I'll let the boys know about the next one and see who's free.

      • rawbutter
        rawbutter commented
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        Awesome. Everyone at our field uses mech guns, so Phantoms sound great. I never got the feel of pump, but I use an Automag with a stick feed.