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    Anyone in WI have a private field? The organized options in my neck of the woods (central WI) are not great. The only decent fields anywhere near me are at least a 2.5hr drive to either Milwaukee or the Twin Cities. My buddy & I are missing outlaw ball and we’d love to try a couple different places closer to home. Though if it’s further out I’d still like to hear about it. Might be able to make a trip.
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    When you find one, I'll be more than happy to crash the party! I wouldn't mind to go back to my roots every now and then.
    Fred aka ChoSanJuan
    Team: With Intent
    Paintball parts and 3D Printed items!
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      I didn’t notice Cho was Milwaukee in his postings. I thought there was a field near the dells (Stalker?). We have Siege near me, but have never gone to it. My little bro used to a lot.
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      • ChoSanJuan
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        Are you in the greater MKE area too? Why no go to Siege?

      • glaman5266


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        Stalker is by the Dells, but IIRC they're reservation only now. Could be wrong though...
        I've been to Grand Valley Adventures in Wausau & Outdoor Adventures in Fremont. Neither of which I'm going back to. I'm in central WI and decent actual fields simply don't exist here.

        I'm sure I'll get back down to Siege at some point. Not sure when though. But time is a precious commodity for me at the moment.

      @Cho: used to use an old greenhouse facility with multiple buildings, private land. Parents also had 8 acres of woods, but have moved out of state. Little bro passed on before we lost the fields, so never went public games. Now just enjoy target with wife and kids till we get our own land. Work in Milw. Live near Alpine Valley.
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      Old school brass........