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Sunday, June 26 - Paintball in the woods near Portland, OR

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    Sunday, June 26 - Paintball in the woods near Portland, OR

    Let me know if you want to attend and I’ll send you an evite for the event.
    THIS IS A NOOB-FRIENDLY EVENT! The point is to introduce people to the sport in short, casual rounds. If you have extra gear to loan out, please let me know so I can tell others who have been invited.


    When? >>> Sunday, June 26 from ~10am until ~4pm. Come or go whenever you wish.

    Where? >>> 45°36'50.2"N 123°21'12.3"W

    45°36'50.2"N 123°21'12.3"W (if the link doesn’t work, paste the coordinates into Google Maps)

    This is a natural field on public land that has not been built up. There’s great cover in the form of massive stumps and fallen trees.
    ***Note that there is NO cell service here!***

    Who? >>> You! The game is open to adults and kids 10 and older. Let me know if you need to borrow gear so I can reserve it for you!

    What are we doing? >>> Paintball in the woods! I have enough gear for 13 players and extra masks for a spectator or two. We play simple games with hoppers only (no extra pods) with markers set to semi-automatic or pump. If you want to bring your own or borrow a friend's gear, all the better - we can have a bigger group!

    We will go through a safety talk, equipment orientation, and basic rules first. All markers are chronographed to shoot below 280fps. Then it's game time! Most rounds will last 10-20 minutes.

    What should I bring? >>>
    • Clothes you don't mind getting dirty - darker colors are good, bright/light colors are easy to see. I have some camouflage jackets to loan out.
    • Baseball hat or beanie to protect the top of your head - paintball masks don't cover there!
    • Shoes for running on uneven ground in the woods
    • Lots of water/gatorade - you'll need more than you think and there is no potable or running water here.
    • Packed lunch
    • Epi pen, medical stuff - if you're allergic to bee/wasp stings, poison oak, etc. I'm not a medical professional - PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK
    • Camping chair - there are no benches or tables at the site
    • I will bring stuff for a hole-in-the-ground toilet and hand washing station. There aren't pit toilets here.

    How much will it cost? >>>
    • Borrowing gear (marker, tank, mask, hopper) from lhamilton1807 - Free!
    • Air (actually CO2) - $5 for the day
    • Paintballs - $15 for the day
    • Bring your own gear, air, and paint - no charge. Just come out & play! (You still need to play by my rules though 😉)

    Wish I were closer. Id come and help. This sounds like the ball I grew my roots on.


    • lhamilton1807
      lhamilton1807 commented
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      Growing roots is the goal. I mostly get dads and sons, but a few young adults as well. Hoping to eventually convince some to get their own gear. I think I’m getting close with a few.

    You guys run 12ies? Bulk co2? Or just pre fill air and go? Air was always the crap part of bush ball lol.


      I own a 20lb co2 tank that I exchange at a local welding shop. I pre fill all my 9, 12, and 20oz tanks and then fill as needed at the game. Bought a scale to do it right.

      My loaner gear is made of Tippmanns and Spyders that I scooped up off of eBay or Craigslist and fixed if needed. I had a few pumps but semi seemed more popular so I got rid of the pumps. I purchase paint ahead of time. Wally World has Draxxus competition for $37/case. It seems to arrive in good condition and shoots well enough for rec play. Only had 2 bags with a break out of 6 or so cases this year.

      I miscounted my marker collection for outlaw ball - I have 16 operational markers. Having weeded out anything but Tippmanns and Spyders has made maintenance much easier - I can buy in bulk.
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        Bumping this to the top again. If anyone is interested in helping beginners with a fun woodsball experience in the Portland area or just have some fun playing casual paintball, please join us.


          I'd love to but Sunday is the wrong day for me.
          DropDeadFred's Feedback -


          • lhamilton1807
            lhamilton1807 commented
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            Thanks, I’ll have to get you on the field some other time then 😊

          One last bump. The field is completely under the tree canopy, so you won’t just bake under the open sky.