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Maine Outlaw ball ?

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    Maine Outlaw ball ?

    Anyone in maine interested ? I have a lot of loaner gear

    Not sure where you are, but I know that moving_target and shooter311 are Mainers and would probably be down if the drive isn't too crazy. I travel in Maine a lot in the warm season and I'd be down for a meetup during one of those trips.
    ๐Ÿ’€ PK x Ragnastock ๐Ÿ’€


      belfast area, Iโ€™m willing to travel a bit as well


        Belfast, my old stomping grounds! I sure miss the Army navy store there! Not sure what I miss more, the store or chatting with the staff. I'd run in there for a minute for a co2 fill and realize Kevin, Gary, and I had been chatting for 2 hours!

        I'm up for some outlaw ball. I have a small group that play together at my buddy's Dads property in Troy (prob half hour drive for you). But if you have a field, we will happily travel. One guy we play with lives in Searsport.

        you have a field?



          Oh heck yeah, that store was great ! The old owner works at a hardware store and he was filling tanks but has stopped doing that (about a year ago).

          I do not have a field I would definitely drive to Troy. I do have a few friends who have land, they are more i to airsoft but they may be up for some paintball.


            I'm in the Portland area, but if stars align I'd make a drive


              Letโ€™s get something going when weather warms up.


                I found 3 small groups, one group has 15 players and 2 fields including an airball field. I am trying to unite all these small paintball groups scattered across Maine.


                  Did anything ever come out of this


                    A group did end up getting together once about 3 months ago. But not again. A lot of paintballers switched to airsoft or are busy with kids, work, etc.

                    I typically drive to OSG

                    would love it if a regular ish outlaw game happened once a month


                      I don't think I've played in Maine for 15 years. The last big boom for paintball fields in Maine ended around 2000 with the dot-crash. But at least around 2000, southern Maine had prob 20+ commercial fields. There used to be a "Maine Paintball Players league" that had a ton of support in the late 90s. It was a good time. With the 2000 crash, most of those fields started to fade. Then by the 2008 crash, very few were left. Most that remained, switched to airsoft. Bennets lingered for a bit.I think only Birch Hill still has regular games?

                      Since then, I've mostly played big games further south, and occationally at fields in NH.
                      For fun, I dug out the old MRPL field map from 2003:

                      Click image for larger version

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                        Thatโ€™s an awesome map!

                        i believe the only places that have regular walk on in maine are Flying Dutchmen and Birch.

                        the rest are private party only


                          Not on the map in the early 2000s were a bunch of sports facilities (indoor soccer, basketball, etc), that converted unused sections into indoor paintball. Like XL in saco, and the "Cave" up in westbrook. It made sense. Those facilities are often slow on sunday, so why not make an indoor field.

                          But. The mess. that trend fade away