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Central California

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    Central California

    I need to play paintball. I am teaching middle school kids virtually. It sucks! I need to shoot people so I feel better. If anyone knows of any games going on within 100 miles of Salinas please let me know. I have my own gear and a scuba tank for refills. I can even outfit a couple of people with equipment. I promise to stay at least 15 feet away from you at all times. Tina

    Hey Letlow,

    Nice to have you with us on the old MCB machine. I'm over in Santa Cruz...I've got a handful of folks who like to play together regularly, we are always open to more folks. We normally hit the fields in range (APP in Livermore, USPN & TAG in Hollister, other fields as we see fit), not much outlaw ball, but if you want to join I can let you know when we are heading out next. We are a mostly pump & mech crew, not sure if that matters to you...but we welcome anyone who wants to play.

    On another note, for a more outlaw-ball experience, have you looked into the Marauders? They are in San Juan Bautista, not too far away from both of us. They play mostly woodsball and have let our crew hop into a few days of play. I think they are open to others joining too, they have a Facebook page you can contact the group leader for more info. It's their home field, so normally just the regulars and a couple of guests show up, but their play-days are typically well attended. I wouldn't exactly call it outlaw ball (a bit more organized than that), but it's a good day of play either way.

    Unrelated, I also work in middle & elementary schools (counselor), and yeah, this distance learning thing has been really rough. Hang in there...the kids and families appreciate your efforts even if you don't hear it from them directly.
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      The marauders looks pretty neat.


        Thanks for the 411 phantom1313. I have heard of the Marauders and met a few. They are very nice. I am a pump Mech player as well. I just read that SLO is having a Scenario game, so Ill be playing there in December. Ill PM you my phone number. Let me know when you all play and Hollister and Ill try to meet up with you.


          If any of y'all are coming down to slo for the PBSL vs Magfed game in December aka "Endgame" just a heads up the field is fpo and if you pre-order your paint they'll give you like a 5$ discount or something
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            Yeah I am going to Endgame. It has been soooooo long since I played. I am looking forward to playing on their fields. I haven't been there in several years.