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Groups around Chattenooga TN

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    Groups around Chattenooga TN

    I’ll be relocating around Chattanooga in a couple months. Are there any groups of players in the area? I saw a thread of middle Tennessee players, so I’m hoping there’s a few of you in the southern region. I’ve already played at Insane, it’s a neat little place, but mostly kids, new players and airsofters. Nothing against them, just would like to be around an older crowd who wants to enjoy the game.

    Just realized the phones predictive text misspelled Chattanooga in the title and I can’t fix it. That’s embarrassing.
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    Im in Huntsville AL, about an hour and a half west. Been wanting to check out the field in Chattanooga.

    Paintball in Huntsville is kinda dead though.


    • Knuckle Dragger

      Knuckle Dragger

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      Field wasn’t bad. Small, but the games move fast and the day I was there we had a decent crowd.

    I lived in Chattanooga for many years before moving to Nashville. Insane is great but they just don't draw enough weekly walk-ons to make for a healthy scene there.

    One group you might want to look up is the Wooddogs. I used to play outlaw games with them on a parcel of TWRA land off of Thrasher Pike but I think they were told to stop, and have relocated.
    Give them a shout on Facebook.