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Renegade fields/ groups around Portland Oregon? West side....

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  • Blue64
    I still run the Scavenger field on my property. It needs to be built up and all, the pandemic put a stop to that. Once we are able to get players together again I want to get the team back playing once a month, so hopefully it does happen. I’m keeping my eyes on supergame too. Hopefully that will happen this year.

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  • Arthur
    My group plays about once a month in Bend, OR at High Desert Scenario. Was just out there last weekend, great time. Its player leased and operated. The Swamp in Lebanon, OR, is also a great field.

    The other fields in Oregon can be hit or miss. Action Acres can be fun for awhile. Splat Action is good if you with experienced, responsible players. Everything else is pretty speed balled out.


    I live on the coast, Sunset beach. The field in Bend is worth the 6hr drive.
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  • Lt. head-shot
    Don't think you'll find much, land in Oregon is a hot commodity. There is a group of local guys known as the "Scavengers" that is active here on MCB. I believe there is a thread down in the team section. One of those guys was working on a field, but it was a while back.

    If the pandemic ever settles down I am trying to make it a priority to go play as much as I can this spring and summer. Impact used to do monthly mech days that some pumpers showed up to. I plan to be the guy with way too much gear, doing a fat Boba Fett impersonation. Should be a good time.

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  • Renegade fields/ groups around Portland Oregon? West side....

    Looking for any renegade groups or fields on the west side of Portland....anybody out here?