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Wayne's World Grand Finale 2021

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    Wayne's World Grand Finale 2021

    I don't see a thread on this, so let's go. Who's going? What cool stuff you trying out this year? Who's super stoked?

    I know they are giving away a TM40 Luxe for winning the costume contest this year. play shall be more intense as they are only using 3/4's of the field since North Base got shut down.


      And THAT was an awesome game. Over 1500 registered and tons of people on the field. Big props to the generals and to Wayne and crew. The refs were awesome this year. They were everywhere and active. The two teams started off as unbalanced, favoring the North side. BUT, two awesome teams changed sides and went to South side. After the switch, on Sunday there were some of the most intense fire fights I have ever seen. In the end, North side won but only by like 19 points out, with the scores something like 3020 for South and 3039 or so for North. South really kicked ass in a lot of the categories.

      A lot of North side was out of play from sinkholes. That really made the days more action oriented. A lot of new bunkers were added to give more cover.

      I want to specifically give mention to two amazing players I saw. First, there was a medic on North side who was the best I've ever seen. Now, there were a lot of great medics, crawling through smilax, reviving players. But one in particular had a handheld fan that he used to cool players while they were raining down paint on South side. That was straight up awesome. Second, an unknown player from South side did some unbelievable stealth work to get a satchel in front of North side's walking tank and blow it up. That person was aided by amazing teamwork from other South players who distracted the tank by standing just outside of reach.

      The Final Battle was epic, of course. The battle lines kept pushing and pulling. It was like a perfect marriage of chaos and order.


        I don't know where you got your numbers, but it wasn't 1500 players, not even close. More like 850 tops. I have been reffing this event and working at WW for the last 10 years and closest I have ever seen around 1000 was the mech wars games about 5-6 years ago.