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Stalingrad XVI whos going?

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    Stalingrad XVI whos going?

    So I have been doing these on an off since Wayne Dolic in 2001 ish, anyway who is going to be there?

    most expensive worst grade paint ive ever used. no fsr to make up for it. tried it in '12, have no plans on ever going back.


      Technically, isn't this Volgograd? Unless it will be held on one of the special days.

      Volgograd council has restored the name for six days a year.

      The dates, all associated with military commemorations, are 2 February, 9 May, 22 June, 23 August, 2 September and 19 November.


        Way back it was Hunger Moon, but mostly it is a scenario based on Stalingrad.


          I didn't realize Skirmish charged so much for paint. $75/case for rec grade is way overpriced, but the website says they sell it for $100 on normal weekends.

          I can get Ultra Evil for less than that.


            Paintball is expensive, grab a pump and play that way to lower your cost.


              The only game I go to at Skirmish is Invasion of Normandy. I don't play in the snow, rain, or excessive heat over 85 F. Plus I want to use as much of all the great fields they have, opening with Castle nights on Friday and the big game all day Saturday.

              Also you can shoot a case just by playing conservative and not dumping 500 rounds a minute at the opening of IoN. That's for amateurs.