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Michigan Monster Game 2023 (MMG2023) - July 27-30th (thu-sun) 2023

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    Michigan Monster Game 2023 (MMG2023) - July 27-30th (thu-sun) 2023

    July 27-28-29-30 - Hell's Survivors, Michigan

    New this year, Thursday and Friday 3-hour games (not sure on field size for these)
    Still BYOP - still full auto, etc.

    7/27 - Thursday - "Shields" mag-fed game - 5-8pm, registration opens at 3pm
    7/28 - Friday - "Armageddon" mag-fed game - 5-8pm, registration opens at 3pm
    7/29 - Saturday - 10am-5pm game, registration opens at 8am
    7/39 - Sunday - 9am-1pm, then 2-2:30pm, same 8am opening

    I still miss the full day on Sunday, and wish they would bring that back.

    Just noticed, both thursday and friday are magfed, anyone know if 10round tubes are "mags"?
    Last edited by Matt Drown; 03-21-2023, 05:47 PM.

    We’ll be there!

    Agreed on the Sunday thing. Would prefer more normal play than the final “dump as much paint in the air as possible”.


      yea, i would even be fine with a 4-5pm "dump everything", but this 1/2 day crap is annoying. Need to see if my group has any urge to attend the friday evening game, doubt we'll be up for magfed thursday (due to travel).


        We will be there too. Should try and get an MCB group pic going.