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No announcement yet.

Bones & Ashes, March 5th-7th, black ops paintball, Fayetteville NC

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    Bones & Ashes, March 5th-7th, black ops paintball, Fayetteville NC

    "Bones and Ashes, a Legends event is back after it's most successful year!!
    The word is out on how incredible of a field Black Ops is to play!!
    Come see what everyone is talking about and join us!!
    March 5 - 7, 2021 πŸ’€ Black Ops Paintball πŸ”₯ Fayetteville, NC

    Bones & Ashes β€” Limited Time Offers!
    Bonus Paint + FREE Event Shirt Promo (available thru 12/6/21)

    -> Get entry, air, 2+ cases AND a FREE event t-shirt!!

    -> Bonus Paint Offer - Buy entry, air, and….
    2 Cases, get 1 Bag FREE!
    3 Cases, get 2 Bags FREE!
    4 Cases, get 3 Bags FREE!
    5 Cases, get 1 CASE FREE!

    Early-Bird Pricing (ends 1/3/21)
    Entry – $44.95
    Air – $7.49
    Paint – $54.95

    Pre-Reg Pricing (ends 2/28/21)
    Entry – $59.95
    Air – $9.49
    Paint – $64.95

    Day-Of Pricing:
    Entry – $69.95
    Air – $14.49
    Paint – $74.95

    First Strike, bag of 150 - $44.95 or box of 600 - $169.95 (pre-reg sales only)

    Group Discount Packages (open after early-bird closes since early-bird is a better deal)
    πŸ’€ 2-Pack: Entry, Air for Two + 5 Cases: $215/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $100+ ($429.95 total)

    πŸ’€ 4-Pack: Entry, Air for Four + 10 Cases: $208/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $200*+ ($834.95 total)

    πŸ’€ 6-Pack: Entry, Air for Six + 15 Cases: $206/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $350*+ ($1239.95 total)

    πŸ’€ 8-Pack: Entry, Air for Eight + 20 Cases: $202/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $500*+ ($1619.95 total)
    y, Air for Ten + 25 Cases: $189/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $750*+ ($1,899.95 total)

    πŸ’€ 12-Pack: Entry, Air for Twelve + 30 Cases: $187/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $950*+ ($2,249.95 total)

    πŸ”΅ Corean Consortium (Blue)

    β€’ Ryan Harris - Director of Acquisitions, (Commander)

    β€’ Steve Solo - Region 4 Administration

    β€’ Brandon "Rambo" Kelley - Regional Acquisition Specialist

    πŸ”΄ Ceres Metal Industries (Red)

    β€’ Chuck Garza - Energy Project VP, (Commander)

    β€’ Stephen Graham - Site Security Specialist

    β€’ John Stround - Field Operations Specialist"

    Who else is planning on going? Me and my teammates are playing Red side. We're trying to get a few of the regulars from our local field to tag along too.

    This is on the schedule but waiting to see how COVID plays out over the winter before I commit.

    This little blurb in the FAQ makes me want to wait until closer to the event.

    Q: I'm not able to attend the event, what is your refund policy?

    A: Just like purchasing a ticket for any other type of sporting event, unfortunately we do not give out refunds for any reason. You are more than welcome to "sell" your registration to someone else and we can transfer it to the new person! Thank you for your understanding. When you purchase a ticket and register for the game you will be required to click a box that says you read and understood this policy.


    • KingxSlinky666


      Editing a comment
      I'm fairly certain they had the same nonsense for endless legends, and its pretty scummy imo, but they probably have paid the venue fee and all that jazz so I get it.

      You raise a valid point though and im inclined to do the same...but I'm so cheap too...and I wanna play that field so bad.

    • Flounder


      Editing a comment
      I don’t think it is scummy, they have costs they need to cover once the planning stages start. I get it but I also base my registration date on the same information. I will pay extra later instead of losing it all if something happens.

    • KingxSlinky666


      Editing a comment
      I should clarify I mean scummy if its canceled due to COVID and they were to not offer some kid of compensation. Obviously if someone just can't come for an individual reason I thats on them,, but if say the state of NC mandated it be canceled as a whole, I feel a refund would be fair to ask for, at the vary least on paint.

    Im there if I can get back from deployment!


      Loved it last year. I know that Team Defiance will be coming back, and bringing the Short Bus again as well.


        I’ve got one or two buddies that I’ll be running around with