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Oklahoma D-Day 2021

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    So I'm looking at sign ups now, and wanted to get an opinion. What is the epitome of the D-Day experience? I got to do this once, looking like ever. So what's is the essence of D-Day?


    • Blackmagic71
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      My buddies and I have played on both sides, but I think the most fun I’ve ever had was playing with the Allied 4th ID in 2019, it was a blast!

      Personally I think I eliminated substantially more people attacking than I ever did defending.

    Well plans have changed a little but still going. Myself and another MCB member from NY are playing Global Conquest at Hellsurvivors then leaving Tuesday morning to D Day. We are staying at the casino and playing Wednesday thru Saturday. Is there any plans for a MCB group pic?


      I am leaning towards either the 358th (I think?) or the 1st, since those are the biggest beach units. Do they only play that area of the field though? And what about the rest of the week? I was planning on making it for almost the entire week.

      Edit: Got my unit with the Brandenburg Commandos, and will be doing articles on it as well!
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