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Oklahoma D-Day 2021

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    A little write I did on the event:


    • BigRed


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      Thanks for that very thorough write up! You covered it all in a very honest way. I have gone 4 times but am honestly glad the Canada/US border is closed so my decision to go was made for me. I had hoped the organization would have turned around but kinda suspected it would go how you said. If not for the players this event would have died almost a decade ago.

    • cfos00
      cfos00 commented
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      The good thing is a lot of those guys, at least those on German side, are heading to Fulda to give it a try. I'm excited to see those guys give that event a go. In terms of organization, it's a night and day difference.

    It was pretty poorly organized, but we still had a lot of fun playing on Saturday.


      Originally posted by cfos00 View Post
      Interesting write up. Unlike you I was there for the first one, think we had maybe 225 players total. Over the next several years the game evolved, the number of players climbed and the field expanded. OKDD had it all.... 4k+ players, day games, a night game... speedball, etc. Like you I cared about my fellow players and the lack of safety that was provided for what was being spent, so much so I actually got banned from the game for a couple years by Dewayne himself. We're all human, not perfect and make mistakes.... my ban got lifted and I came back for a couple more years. Nothing had changed... It was a damn shame too. In the first few years we all pretty much knew each other, Allied ,German and refs. It was about have fun, bs-ing with your buddies and swapping stories around the campfire at night. But somewhere about OKDD '03 or '04 it started to become more about the money. Don't get me wrong, I understand the idea is to make money putting on an event but not at the players risk. OKDD is/was one of those things you needed to do at least once... I feel very blessed to have been there when it originated, to see it grow, to have played both sides.... and to have met some of the greatest people in paintball!


        Hope you all made it back okay Click image for larger version

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          well that was trash... Friday really pissed me off, we flew in from all over the country, met in Dallas rented an RV just to miss on out more than 1/2 of what we paid for!