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    Automag Cliff notes

    I put this together some time ago to try and answer alot of the questions that not only myself but others have answered about a thousand times over about automags. Consider this a cliff notes of automags.

    I am by no means a writer. If someone has anything i should add or remove, or if someone is much better at formatting etc. please let me know and we can make this more formalized. I just wanted to get the info out there.

    If anyone can think of a better name that would be cool too.
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    I buy Automags and Parts: if your looking to let something go, shoot me a pm

    Some thoughts:

    1) Add a table of contents and page numbers
    2) Add info about trigger frames, bodies and barrel types
    3) Minor fixes to punctuation and spacing (run it through Grammarly)
    4) Change the name to something like "The Comprehensive Guide to Automags"


      This is great dude. 👍


        Only on MCB would I open a downloadable file with reckless abandon. Solid work, super.