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Is this reactivity in a classic valve?

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    Is this reactivity in a classic valve?

    So I don't understand, I bought this mag in a box of parts for $100 last week to make a pneumag. It has a serial number in the 16000s which as I understand it puts it in 1994, it has the power tube spring, old style round on/off, etc. The only thing I did to it so far was throw the Kam86 v2 frame on it, gas thru grip, ANS xtremeflow on/off top, a powertube o-ring and take the sight rail off.

    So, the trigger pull feels entirely too light, it feels like it kicks the trigger a bit when it shoots, not like Automag RT levels, but noticeable. The sear seems good, it has one of those ANS bolts in it which hasn't been chewed up or anything, occasionally when holding the trigger down I can get a bit of a sprinkler effect, which tells me the on/off O-rings aren't in good shape, but that shouldn't give it reactivity right? Also I just tossed a non-agd spec O-ring in there for the power tube, could this be causing it?

    I would like to sort this thing before I install my pneumag components, but for what it's worth the bolt is going to be replaced with a level 10 as soon as I can do it

    I would suspect it is due to a difference in the pivot point of the trigger and the angle of your grip affecting the effort to move the sear to the release point. I have zero experience with the Kam86 frames but I am sure you could do some comparison measurements of the the two and see where the differences lay. In addition the sear may have more or less engagement between the two frames as well.
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      The short answer is no, you're not getting an RT effect. The long answer involves the differences between RT based valves and Classic valves and how the RT effect is achieved via the recharge path through the regulator portion of the valve. πŸ™‚

      Grendel's points about trigger geometry are, well, on point, as well.

      I would also like to point out the obvious - ditch the aftermarket on-off components and bolt and use good ol' AGD parts instead... it will likely correct your issues, especially if you do a full rebuild with an AGD kit.
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