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Power tube Issues

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    Power tube Issues

    Just replaced all o-rings with a kit straight from AGD. Aired up and still have leaking issues. If I hold the trigger down it stops leaking, so on/off is good, but likely a powertube issue. Since I’ve replaced all the orings, I assume it is a carrier issue now.

    It cost me roughly $50 cdn just to get a handful of orings and a bolt foamie. I don’t have any extra carriers, and carriers appear to be a guess and check thing so I’ll need to choose between the 9 different options at $5 a piece plus shipping, again at a similar cost or higher to the oring kit. Is there any hopes in solving the leak without extra carriers? I assume all the shims I have won’t help?

    I’m right on the balance of selling it as is and moving on as opposed to throwing more money at it. It’s seems to be an easy fix, but it’s just hard to get parts a north of the border and at a pretty high cost relatively.

    On the plus side it looks like the gun is a ULT on it, which is an added bonus.

    It maybe be an oring in the on/off. The one that goes between the two pieces in both the ult and the standard rt on/off can make a leak that sounds like it is coming down the barrel. Pulling the trigger will stop the leak just the same as a powertube leak. It could also possibly be the lower oring on the assembly too.