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PGI F.R.O.G. details

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    PGI F.R.O.G. details

    Found this kicking around in my Google Drive and thought It may be useful to someone!


    From Archive:

    “Zero-Spyder says...
    I went to sears hardware today and found all the o-rings for my Mayhem..
    The Bolt and Valve housing o-ring (the big ones) are size #50 1 5/8 x 1 7/16 x 3/32.
    The Poppet o-rings are 1 each of #78 7/16 x 1/4 x 3/32
    and #41 9/16 x 7/16 x 1/16. The front poppet o-ring is slighly smaller than the factory
    o-ring, but I replaced all my o-rings today with those listed and the gun shot just fine.
    It's nice to have spares!!!! “

    From ZDSPB:

    From Bacci:
    “These Frogs use a Mayhem body and sort of a nova frame but is all Mechanical. Can be left right or center feed with rotating breech to get different feed. Has PGI bottomline regulator (doesnt fit standard threads). Grip frame has PGI/Nova/ACI Sports bottomline holes and standard bottomline holes for a standard regulator. Missing plastic back lp line cover plate but can work without it.”

    Scott K interview:
    “Here is a brief interview with Scott Kobayashi, owner of Players Club Paintball. Scott and I recorded this at the Itaintchemo Charity game in December 2012 at ASG. Scott worked for Leon Styles at his first Tombstone location in 1998-2001 and tells us what he remembers about Leon's Field Rental Only Gun (FROG). Although Scott has never seen the mechanical PGI creation he is holding in the video (one I brought to ASG that day) he does imagine the mechanical paingun he saw around 2000 became this monstrosity. I purchased a couple dozen of these ex rentals from a field in Arizona. All were in similar shape, full of dirt, some stripped threads, and all but one had the mayhem et logo sanded off”
    “These were built by Mike Wood and Leon Styles of PGI and are a Mechanical counterpart to the Mayhem.”

    · ACI bottomline regulator (used on PGI Mayhem, AirStar SuperNova)
    · ACI grip frame used on AirStar SuperNovas and DarkStar Novas.
    · Frame/body screws: 10x32
    · Clippard firing valve: HV-HTV series
    · Barrel threads: M22x1.5mm (Spyder)
    · Feedneck threads: 13/16-32 (same as used by SP, DLX, KEE, PMI, ICD, etc)
    · Trigger ball: .375 (3/8th inch) nylon
    · Main spring: ???
    · Trigger spring: ???
    · Ball detent spring: ???
    · Valve body barb fittings: #3-56 male to 1/16th ID hose (normal autococker LP line)
    · Frame barb fittings: ??? to 1/16th ID hose (normal autococker LP line)

    • Bolt oring: 219 Buna N Duro 70
    • Poppet Front oring: 109 (material? Cross section? Duro?) using Buna N Duro 70
    • Poppet Rear oring: 110 Buna N Duro 70
    • Bolt Bumper oring: 219 Buna N Duro 70 (use your old bolt/valve oring!)
    • Valve Housing oring: 219 Buna N Duro 70
    • Spool Top oring: 011 Buna N Duro 70 (stock was poly?)
    • Spool bottom oring: 104 Buna N Duro 70
    • Spool Cover oring/gasket: 015 Buna N Duro 70 (stock was poly? 90 poly was difficult to fit)
    • Clippard HV-HTV valve body orings: 010 Buna N Duro 70
    • Firing valve plug: 010 Buna N Duro 70

    Neat! Always had a soft spot for these weird guys
    💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


      I'm pretty sure the black one in the videos is the one I currently have. Sadly it isn't together, as it quite literally blew apart. I will be able to repair/improve it, whenever I get around to it.
      I can haz feedback?
      If I owe you feedback, just remind me, as I sometimes forget.