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Ballpark worth of '03 Viking Half-mill Dust Black, 2 All American freak barrels?

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    Ballpark worth of '03 Viking Half-mill Dust Black, 2 All American freak barrels?

    Not mine, but a close friend is wondering what a "fair" price would be for an '03 Viking Half-mill Dust Black with 2 All American freak barrels with freak kit.
    Marker has not been aired up in at least 10 years so would benefit from a full seal rebuild.
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    Pics? What board?
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    • Secretweaponevan


      Editing a comment
      I've requested pics. I believe it's a WAS board, but I'll have a definitive answer later.

    With a standard was board assuming its in decent shape with no major function issues ( other than some orings) you are looking around 400. 03's are a little less desireable than the 04 model, but you may be able to get a little more if you air it up and can show its functioning 100%


      Uploaded images.


        blind is gonna hurt the value a bit, yeah its drilled already, but the tray isnt,

        you can add eyes an go the "ultralight" method of using electrical tape, because 03 eye covers are pretty hard to come by, but you'll still need a tray you can pass the wires through,

        i would say, in its current condition, untested, i would say the gun is worth $250 and 300-325 if working. and the barrel $50-75
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          I'm strongly considering buying this from my friend. What should he do before airing it up to test it?
          I'm a mag guy, so "remove barrel, 3 drops air tool oil in asa, shoot 20 rounds" is all I know.
          Thanks in advance.

          Edit: And how hard are seals to come by? Are they semi-standard o-rings, or are there proprietary seals/gaskets that make this too much of a hassle to run?


            "Mag method" is actually how you should oil these too
            seals are pretty easy to come by from the o-ring store 015 070 duro urethane is the one your gonna need a small collection of, the only one you'll need to worry about on this one is the LPR seat, they have have seen several posts on FB about the "orange seal" giving up the ghost. And those are ones that I know jared is out of and is having issues sourcing replacements

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