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No more Sidewinder regs?

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    No more Sidewinder regs?

    Happened to be on AKA's website this afternoon and noticed that Sidewinder regs are no longer listed for sale on there.

    Is that pretty much the end of them? I wouldn't be surprised given that it is basically a one-man operation now, but just seeing if anyone can confirm..

    If so, I guess I better order some rebuild kits from them to keep the two I have, going for a while.

    Jared is constantly back and forth on regs. I've checked in an they've had different versions of the sidewinder available at different times. Looks like he still lists the SST sidewinder and a finger groove one as well. Probably just OOS until one of the parts comes in to make another run.

    On the other hand I'll hang onto my two so I can sell them for double later on just in case lol


      Pretty sure this is just a parts availability issue with Covid still roughing up ship times.
      Ordered one from Jared a few months ago.
      Need Inception Designs or Shocktech Products? Let me know!

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      old PBN feedback


        Makes total sense based on our previous conversation about supply problems for other vendors. At least for now it seems they have the rebuild parts available so I can do these two I guess.

        On a related note, does anyone know how to tell the vintage of these two Sidewinders? One has a different swivel collar design, not to mention the graphic text is different. Just curious. Thanks.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	sidewinders.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.10 MB ID:	155471 Click image for larger version  Name:	sidewinders2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.10 MB ID:	155472


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          Editing a comment
          The one on the left is older, the collar redesign was recent, Jared added some extra metn so it would have a few more threads to seal with.. the old ones were very easy to overtighten and that makes the swivel stop swiveling

        Hard to tell exactly other than the left one is the original design and the right one I think is from Jared era AKA. My two new ones, one has a rounded swivel and the other has the squared "lightweight" swivel you have on the right.


          Thanks! That helps.


            I called him he had some like 2 months ago i bought 2