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The Official AKA Picture Thread

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    The Official AKA Picture Thread

    The official picture thread for all AKA markers.
    Please update feedback if we've done business!

    Extreme Discharge

    Paintball's Antiheroes

    Totally Clips of the Heart



      i still have hope that the forums will eventually be repopulated with old posts..

      but in the meantime, we did need a better name for the photo thread

      im about to bomb this with everything i HAVE owned, and the 2 that i do still own

      OWNED (as in past tense)

      Revenge V2,

      i cant remember where i got this one. eBay i think?

      no, i dont know the original story about the feedneck

      i was told "splatt attack did it" but i have conferred with people working there that they dont remember doing one like that

      i know that the feedneck was pressed in and had to two holes drilled for the glue to anchor, and it never budged in all the years i owned it so whoever did it, did a good job!
      the finish was super cool, it was a matte, but like a true matte, like too much powder.. its was very smooth to the touch, not rough at all

      Team Darkmatter viking

      drove to Bakersfield to buy it from one of the guys on the team, met him at gorilla, owner knew him
      (apparently there were a bunch that got stolen, beware if you own one.. )

      The Poop-o-Type viking

      the "not so affectionately" named viking was an 04 test milling mule that survived. was anodized flat brown (that somehow started looking like a tarnished penny) it has a bunch of prototype stuff on it, including a one off sidewinder V2 prototype

      04 APL viking

      this one taught me that quad detents have their shortcomings.. especially where i live (average annual humidity is about 30%, currently it's 11%)
      paint tends to be extra brittle here, and this setup was just harsh enough to have a bad habit of the bolt getting going fast enough to impact the ball hard enough to break the ball..
      it moved to a more humid environment and the new owner never had a problem with it

      Tarantula Viking

      i picked this one up because i wanted an open bolt, and missed having a viking.. granted, this one doesn't have a ton of original left in it, but thats okay.. it was a great shooter and never gave me any grief.. i only sold it because i got a chance to pick up a viking i always wanted...

      OWN (ones i still have)

      04 Bonebreak Excalibur

      got this one from a friend of mine, i had known he had it since 05. i dont think he was the original owner, and no idea who he got it from
      added one of travis's single trigger frames.. theres just something so "right" about a single trigger excal

      04 JMJ Team viking #06

      sold the tarantula to pay for this. always wanted one of these.. am not disappoint...


        04 Viking I machined early on. Anodized by ATMF.

        Bonebrake Excal. Picked this up from the original owner that never used it.


          Revenge V1. Sold many years ago, and regret it (anodized by ATMF).


            AKA LifeSaver West-Coast (LSWC) Viking

            - 1 of 2 vikings made for the fundraiser for Adam Langlais's medical bills due to a form of cancer he was diagnosed with. Jared @ DC offered the following to the two winning bidders;
            "Jared of Destructive Customs has stepped up with a most generous offer. He is willing to put not one but TWO custom milling jobs on the auction block. The two highest bidders will win their choice of milling to your Viking or Excalibur (you supply the marker), in any milling pattern that DC offers, INCLUDING full internal milling."

            I won one, and the other bidder was on the east coast -- thus the WestCoast / EastCoast designations. The other was a smooth milled specimen and anodized an olive green. I used a halfmill viking kit I had and had it done clear with pewter and black splatter/splash by Gruntbull. I still retain this one as of this post, but the other has been sold several times and I've lost track of the current ownership

            This is the only picture of the DCLS EastCoast I could find.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	dclsec.jpeg
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ID:	3181


              My DC Featherlight Excal -- clear and red acid wash done by gruntbull, back when they were reliable anodizers.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	excal_rside1.jpg
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ID:	3185

              A 2005 (yes, one of the last ones done) Featherlight Viking that I wish I never sold. Originally got from RedAkuma (PBN/etc forum name of the prior owner). This was one of the fastest vikings I've ever held, and I miss it dearly. The only thing I don't miss was the fading at different rates of the dust red anodizing -- feedneck and SCM were both far off match by the time I had sold it. I inherited it already anodized.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	flvik_flickr.jpg
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ID:	3186

              My Revenge V2LE -- yet again...this is the last production V2LE that Splatt Attack in WA had. They found it as a kit in back when I had called, and I paid full retail and received it as a built gun. This will leave my cold dead hands, if not be put into a self-sustaining trust to keep it away from "all them darn kids". This picture was taken in a hurry way back and is super washed out due to the flash. I'll retake it one day.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	revengev2le_right.jpg
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                the random fading was the same on the gloss red as well. have a friend with one

              Placeholder -- Will upload pictures of: Dark Matter Viking, JMJ Team Gun, Highlander.

              Acid Custom Evil Ehm -- John built this for himself -- custom body, custom frame, etc. I purchased it as mostly complete and finished the build. Anodizing done by Chris @ Pooty Paintball.

              And my other specimen -- a Lufkon Milled Ehm body. Cyborg frame. This is my anodizing tribute to the jurassic goo without blatantly being jurassic goo.

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                links arent active anymore, it looks like you shared links directly from google drive.

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                Thx. I'll reupload and relink elsewhere.