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Aka's website

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    Aka's website

    Does anyone have contact with Jared or whoever runs the website? I was trying to send an email over to them through the site, but the contact us page just freaks out and constantly refreshes. Just wanted to let him know.

    it refreshed itself once and then worked fine, try it from a fresh session of chrome


      Silly question but is AKA still around? I was wanting to get one of their lightning bolts if they still made them


        Jared Kajka of Destructive Customs, who was one of a small handful of authorized service centers purchased the company along with all the old stock inventory after Larry Alexander (Aaron K Alexander's father) passed away. He's a full time firefighter and has a few young kids, so service can be slow, but if somethings in stock on their website, you will receive it, just don't expect next day shipping. I have no idea what he spent purchasing everything, but I'd be surprised if he even breaks even on it. It seems like more of a service to the AKA community to keep AKA alive, and I for one am thankful.


          I remember Jared well Destructive Customs. I heard about Larry’s passing, was Such sadness Great human being. But last I heard the company was in the wind. That’s awesome to hear. Thanks for the update!!


            I was not aware that Jared's acquisition of AKA was anything recent. I have been dealing with him for years....I have actually been considering ordering a few things and was wondering what the landscape was looking like.


              I have been steadily ordering things from AKA for the past couple months... I place an order, it shows up in a box.

              I did recieve a feedneck with tabs and holes, when I ordered a feedneck with tabs and NO holes...

              and I'm so mad I could spit *THEW*

              Did you just spit in your visor?

              Umm, yeah, I guess I did...

              Permission to speak freely, sir?


              That's really freaking gross.

              But honestly, I don't give that much of a $#!+... mistakes happen, and I am sure we will get it straightened out. Or, I will ordered another one and invent a reason to use the one they sent me. Overall, though, I have had no trouble dealing with AKA recently, and will continue to do so... probably placing another order tomorrow, in fact.
              If you need to talk, I will listen. Leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I get it.
              IGY6; 503.995.0257


              • DavidBoren


                Editing a comment
                Follow up on this... Jared left me a message apologizing for the mix up, and providing me with the tracking number for a new package containing the correct feedneck. The correct part arrived with a paid poatage return label for the incorrect part.

                It really doesn't get much better than that in my experience. He will certainly see more business from me.