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3D printable ZetaMag magwell

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    3D printable ZetaMag magwell

    Found these neat little files available for download while searching for some new magfed gear. The guy has a good reputation. Not sure if he'll print it for you, though. Nice of him to make the file available.

    Since it's Zeta compatible, it'll probably work with 12 round TipX mags as well. I know it isn't as nice as making the stock system work, but maybe it'll be enough to get a few ATS markers to see the field once again.
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    Those are awesome, thanks for sharing it.
    Now i need to find some zeta mags

    Note that the zeta mag is backwards in the magwell, this is no problem for round ball, but it cannot be used to convert to FSR.
    Not a problem at all, just something to note.
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    Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

    looking for red/black or blue/silver phantom.
    XEMON's phantom double sided feed

    Keep your ATS going: Project rATS 2.0
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    • Carp


      Editing a comment
      That same site offers Zetamags(Gen3) for $14.99 each. Even with $8 standard shipping, I have never seen a better price, for Zetamags, than that!

    • XEMON


      Editing a comment
      ... and a 4 pack for $50 ... that comes up to USD $62.11 shipped and taxed
      Thanks for looking at it, didt realize they had anything else than 3D printed parts.