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Re-birth of Project rATS 2.0: A longterm solution to the parts problem

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  • zenmic
    This is a zombie project I can completely get behind. Thanks for keeping the ATS alive.

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  • Trygve
    Thank you for your hard work, carrying the torch.

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    Reserved for more models and/or info

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    I encountered a lot of ball jamming between the case of the mag and the finger of the chain.
    After lots of testing, I figured out it was the tiny modern paint that was the cause of the issue, so here is my solution: a shim to make the channels in the mag closer to modern paint size.
    Mag shim

    And here is the bolt face i made: Bolt face

    Ill keep posting as i made some more files and find some more trick and repairs for those old beasts.
    Attached Files

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  • Re-birth of Project rATS 2.0: A longterm solution to the parts problem

    Hello MCB,

    In the "Before Time" we had this amazing long, looonnngggg term project called the "rATS project"
    So, with lordkyleofearth blessing, here is the re-post/continuation of the rATS project:

    Originally posted by lordkyleofearth
    The rATS (revived ATS) project is our solution. We plan to model every piece of the ATS. The parts that cannot be easily printed (like springs and o-rings) we'll try to find in the wild. The goal here is to allow anyone, anywhere in the world, to obtain the parts they need at any point into the future. 3D printing has some major advantages: it is on-demand and accessible everywhere, it doesn't require any production runs or warehousing, and it allows us to utilize manufacturing advances/materials that didn't exist in 1994. It's got some major downfalls too; most notably in per-unit price.

    Our goal isn't to make money at this; just to keep these markers in players' hands for as long as possible. Check back at this thread for new part models as they become available. Also be on the lookout for links to videos on how to care-for, diagnose, and repair ATS markers. I'll post the links in this thread as well. If there is a specific part or repair that you need, please shoot either of us a message, or post it in this thread, and we will prioritize that for you.

    All of the models are offered as open-source products. Anyone is welcome to use them for personal use, we just ask that you not try to start a new for-profit company with the work posted here Also, if anyone is interested in contributing to the project, we'll gladly take all the help we can get.
    I have also been working on those guns for a bit and brought back to the field both the old CO2 and the newer HPA models. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any help on those great guns.

    And for the 3D models, here they are (I did not make those files and do not take credit in any means):

    Models so far
    Use a flexible material (Ninjaflex or similar) for these:
    Bolt Seal.STL
    Sleeve Pad.STL

    Use Nylon or other hard plastic for these:
    Impulse Seal.STL
    Velocity Adjuster Cap.STL
    Pull.stl (May work with plastic if you also use a plastic cog, otherwise, it will likely require steel)
    LeftShell.stl (This seems to do fine in PLA, but players in hotter climates may do better with PETG or ABS)
    AT10 Cap.stl AT10 style barrel nut for converting other models to the AT10
    ATS Feed Port Cover.stl AT4/16/10 feed port cover for deleting the foreloader feed port on AT85/TS-1 markers
    Tactical Rail Full Height.stl Full stock height tactical rail without mock charging handle.
    NATO Rail Low.stl Tactical rail from above, but 5mm lower. This should line up with handguard rail systems.

    Use steel for these:
    Sear.STL (Note: This model is still being confirmed, but appears to be correct)

    Development Strand:
    These models have not been extensively tested, but probably work (maybe).
    sizer.stl This is the precursor to a fresh supply of unisizers. This one is more like the original sizer ring set, as it lacks any sort of soft lands inside. However, if you need a sizer and don't otherwise have one this is a solid option. It should slip (snugly) over the minor threads on your barrel and get the job done. I have tested this one and it does effectively stabilize the bolt sleeve, as the sizer is required to do, and it let the marker fire/cycle normally. It *should* work for you if you need a sizer.