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Only 30 WGP Sniper 1 Thompson Stocks

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    Only 30 WGP Sniper 1 Thompson Stocks

    I got to meet and talk to Bud Orr a little this weekend (the nicest guy!). One tidbit I found interesting was that he only made 30 Thompson Stock Sniper 1s. He said there may be aftermarket ones out there.
    I just remember seeing a few of these pop up for sale every year in the past, but haven't seen one in quite a while. Only 30 in the wild.
    My Old Feedback (300+)

    30 out about 2000 before Sniper 1.5 and 2


      Very cool! I was trying to find more info on the L and T stocks that came with snipers as my STO had an L stock that I’m pretty sure I sold but I have a sniper 2 T stock coming as I bring her back to life