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2K4 Pro stock

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    2K4 Pro stock

    Hi all,

    I guess I’ve been out of the game for about 10 years now. I moved (Houston) and it sounds like they have some mech games around here or at the least some scenarios that could be fun, so trying to get back into it.

    I converted my 2k4 pro stock to pump before I stopped playing but still have all pneumatics. My question is: should I keep it, or sell it and get something I don’t have to time? I’m not supper excited about spending a bunch of time tuning the ole cocker up and have been wanting to tinker around with an automag anyways.

    If selling is best, what’s the market look like for these old mech guns?

    2K4 Pro Stock
    Freak Barrel
    Planet Eclipse Internals
    Benchmark Frame
    CCM Pump Kit
    I still have all stock parts and pneumatics.

    Eager to hear what everyone says and get back up to speed.

    Thanks in advance

    Man, that is a pretty marker.


      If you're looking to tinker, why not just run that? It's a beaut!

      CCM kit w/ matching color pump and a red Benchy, $250-$300, if everything is all good-to-go rebuilt and if you wait and find the right buyer.
      Velcor will save us...

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        I'd keep it as is. If you want to tinker just get a spring kit and play around with that. Those CCM pump handles are worth big bucks these days... well actually anything CCM is big bucks these days.
        Cuda's Feedback


          Once it timed its done though? Your gonna run into the same (i know they different) thing with getting a automag built and set up. Stock wgp guns are some of the most reliable markers out there (guess i should say was, newer stuff duh

          plus you can go back and forth with playing pump and semi. If you have tools and know how to use them. Youtube a tutorial and you can have that cocker running before the weekends here.

          plus your gonna get significantly less selling it if its not currently leak free and firing. So why not get it running?


            Go to your field and and try something new
            compare it to your sniper or autococker
            I would say leave it as a pump and keep it because you will have a hard time replacing it if you want in the future


              I’d keep it unless you’re not nostalgic or you just want something newer. End of the day, they all sling paint.