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Official Autococker Picture Thread

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    Official Autococker Picture Thread

    Official thread for Autococker Pictures.



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      Velcor will save us...

      Current MCB Feedback :
      Legacy MCB Feedback (Wayback Machine)


        Pt 1: A few of the cockers I've own (far from all)

        My Trilogy, as it currently sits. It's the first gun I bought myself, and it's the only gun I refuse to sell, ever.

        Fully Eclipse'd E2 Mini Orracle. Gun was nuts.

        Pneumatic Assist Pump Trilogy, clean as can be.

        A cool FreeFlow Fulcrum restoration I did. Started as a bdy kit I found on ebay.

        Another ebay restoration, this time an 01 Macdev Sonic. Came to me complete but in pieces.
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        • Akira
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          i like that assist pump

        • Db1060
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          I have your sonic autococker

        Pt 2: Guns I built for teammates

        Jackal RDL

        FBM Mini Half-Ass

        AIM Crow

        AIM Prototype


          Jackal RDL
          Weapon X TWSTR F5

          Lucy TWSTR F5
          Thanos - Ulta Micro Mini Twister

          Tiger in the Grass Midblocked Inception Fighter
          Gen 3 Shocktech SFL
          Original run 04 CCM J2 in facotry ano
          Lockout-owned Freeflox Fulcrum
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              Meteor M1 with a CCM pump kit. Have my Palmer pneumatics off to the side and an ID ASA on its way so I can match fittings. My OC pump.

              Green splash FLE with a RIP frame. My only mechanical at the moment, she'll have a Freeflow sister soon.

              New and improved feedback. 👍


                99 STO
                Currently my first and only Cocker. It's an old pic, just after I got it for Christmas. Pulled the donk forward and threw a 2x trigger on it. A new pic is due soon, I guess?

                I'll likely get more soon.
                Fred aka ChoSanJuan
                Team: With Intent
                Paintball parts and 3D Printed items!
                My Feedback


                  The System X Attitude
                  System X Vengeance Attitude
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                  WTB: Sovereign threaded barrel and Sovereign 1 parts

                  Belsales Gen 1 twister cap

                  ANGEL Speedy blue parts






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                        • alpha_q_up


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                          Woah this thing is wicked! Where and how'd you come across this or have it done?

                        • Akira
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                        • Pope74
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                          That's gotta be one of the sickest cockers I've seen so far that mill job is amazing. I'm really into old school cockers with unique milling

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