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Benchmark frame questions

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    Benchmark frame questions

    Hey guys, quick question: is the safety on a benchmark slider a standard WGP pattern or do they have their own safety? Any good sources for a safety button/parts on these frames?

    Keep it battle ready - wouldn't want to be fumbling with a safety in the dark. ask bacci paintball


      I really like safeties on mech guns. Nothings more embarrassing than shooting your barrel bag and it's easy enough to shoot the gun before the buzzer to make sure the safety is off.


        Pretty sure slider frame safeties were universal.

        For me, it wasn't about turning the safety off before the game, it's about accidentally turning it back on as I run, slide, crawl, or switch hands. If you're using a gravity fed hopper, you could always turn the gun upside down and fire a shot after the game to clear the barrel/breach. That at least allows one screw up with out a mess in the barrel bag and may startle you enough to change the way you handle the gun in the staging area..