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Ideas to bring this cocker into the modern age?

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    Ideas to bring this cocker into the modern age?

    I scored this ANS GS-3 in a big package deal and am torn between selling as-is or bringing it to life. I contacted Numech about getting a press-fit clamping feedneck and drilling for an eye a few dasy ago still waiting on a follow up. I hate the way the regulator feels in hand, would love to find something that was more streamlined and still matched but didn't insult the heritage of the marker. I could do without the trigger shape, wondering what alternatives I could find in a polished finish if anyone knows any. And as far as an ASA goes I'd love to find an on/off that was direct mount and had an out-the-front fitting. Anyone else have any ideas to make this old gal pop? Checked out the sci-fi boards too but they have been sold out for a bit.

    leave it blind, it survived this long without eye holes. i tend to like sidewinder regs the best for ergos, outlet on swivel ring on bottom. they made multi different triggers for e1- blade and sling styles. PE made chrome samurai trigger that would match the frame.


      Taking the gauge off the reg would help with the deal if the reg. Once the gun is shooting right you won’t need to look at the reg anyways. Or maybe a Chrome CP or Sidewinder
      Cuda's Feedback


        Slap a mech frame on and use it.


        • Myrkul


          Editing a comment
          100% this. Replace all the seals, SLPS spring kit, and a mech frame. The sliders on are actually pretty nice with a little bit of elbow grease.

          I'd probably use BMC for the feed neck if you want to shoot it before 2023 though... Nummech.... Could be a little more up front about their wait times. Speaking from personal experience.

        A gold marker with black accents looks great, in my opinion. Swap the chrome for the black to get your "pop".
        On the other hand you could trade the body for something drilled with an adjustable feed neck, that would match the chrome better.
        Neither of those would cost much, maybe just shipping costs.


          Brandon said in the Facebook group that he's going to have a new batch of board soon


            Thanks for all the input guys! I contacted BMC about feedneck services, sounds like Numech is gonna have me on "read" for a while. That regulator guage is a pain, good call on just blocking it off once I get it running. I'm still not sold on eyes, with a modern hopper it should run just fine, won't be anything other than a fun rec gun anyway.

            sourced a chrome samurai trigger thanks to your advice, and i signed up for the sci-fi "notify me when available"

            Gimme a few months and hopefully I'll be coming back with a complete marker for your viewing pleasure 🙏 ☺️