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ANS Gen-X mini cocker?

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    ANS Gen-X mini cocker?

    Hey guys, just trying to figure what I have here. I picked this up on eBay recently. I thought it was just an older pre-2k ANS generation x cocker with a WGP hinge frame and SP barrel. Serial number is 4xxx. The more I looked at it something seemed different. Is this a mini cocker since the vert asa is part of the front block? If so are these rare? Didn’t see many examples in my search on the Goog’s. Thanks!
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    Very clean looking marker..... I like it..... Yea its a Mini but I have no idea how common they were from ANS


      ANS did make the gen X cocker in a mini and that is what you've got. I don't see a significant gain in value because it's a mini.
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        I like it, very nice, clean build.

        Yes its a mini, no idea what that means in terms of value or rarity. Still cool though.


          Thanks a lot for confirming guys. I’ve had some regular cockers but never a mini so that’s a nice surprise. I’m going to tell myself it’s rare and valuable so I feel special playing with it lol. At $175 I couldn’t say no. Have a nice weekend all.


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            Rare or not, still a nice grab at that price. That reg is pretty cool too, something a little unique and different.

          Heck that green hinge is uncommon and a worthy pickup by itself. Enjoy all the shootyball you can with that vintage beauty.
          Velcor will save us...

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            Thank you, I had to pull the Vigilante from my pump Rainmaker to get ‘er running and stay period correct. It came with a green gen x-2 reg but the seal in the piston was too far gone. Still researching what I can use to replace that seal.