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What tool to remove VA?

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    What tool to remove VA?

    What do I need in order to remove this KAPP VA?

    Click image for larger version

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    12 point 1/4" socket (Your Inception Designs and Shocktech Dealer)
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      Originally posted by superman View Post
      12 point 1/4" socket
      Thank you for the fast response. I'll see if I've one in the tool bin.
      FEEDBACK -


        Some you may need a really thin socket.... I have found standard ones won't always squeeze in there. I shaved one down before I eventually found a brand that was super thin and worked great


          ^ 1/4" drive socket works best (thinner and fits easier)


            Whatever you do, replace it with an Allen head for future ease of use

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              They used the 12-point so the center of the bolt would hit and depress a pin valve. Meaning, of course, that unless you're running a CO2 or screw-in tank directly into the vertical adapter, there's no need for it.

              As noted, a 3/4" 1/4-28 allen bolt drops right in, and of course can be worked with a standard allen wrench.

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                When I found I didn't already have the right socket that worked for those, I found this at the local Lowe's worked, if you need one (and they have it in stock near you)