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Rat 3:16 Question

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    Rat 3:16 Question

    I got an OG rat valve to replace a damaged stock valve. This is probably a dumb question but should I be using a spring with this? I am assuming a lighter one if so? Honstly, just being lazy and would like shoot for putting it back together once 😂

    There is a good chance your existing springs will work with the Rat valve if your original valve was a stock 2k setup valve. Put it together and give it a whirl, just don't be surprised if you need to re-spring. The Sniper valve train has a lot of variation in it so what works for one setup will not necessarily give the same performance in a different body. PB parts do not have a lot of tight tolerances or quality consistency so there are no silver bullets on setups other then patience and understanding how to set them up.

    "When you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it." - Theodore Roosevelt

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    • nicmauro
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      Great, I will give that a shot first, thanks

    New they should come with a matching valve/hammer spring....

    But I a pinch stock wgp will work.


    • superman


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      Pretty sure they do not ship with the valve by itself.

    • Ecapnation


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      Older 3:16's prior to the newest cocker craze did... Not familiar with the new run.

    You can try your original springs and see how that works and tune to preference from there. The rat usually uses a pretty light valve spring to go for low pressure so a softer spring is probably better for most people. The rat valve has a a wider face on the valve stem so it sees more pressure to keep it closed and may take somewhat stronger main spring force or a heavier hammer to get it up to velocity with a heavier valve spring (although it may be more efficient with the heavier spring). You may have to crank your IVG in a little more with the stock springs but you should be able to get to velocity if you sweetspot the reg to a good pressure.

    I also found the rat valve stem to be shorter than the stock WGP stem so I found a hammer without a dimple on the face worked better for me for lower pressure and less main spring tension. I was able to get the valve up to proper velocity with a stock WGP hammer with dimpled face though with a higher operating pressure and the IVG cranked in a bit more.

    If you don't feel like tinkering you can just buy the shocktech spring kit and a shocketch hammer and know that will all work together.