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Drilling trigger frame for front stop?

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    Drilling trigger frame for front stop?

    Hey guys. I'm about wrapped up with this Autococker. I finally have every upgrade I want installed. The frame is raw and I need to send it out to ano. But before I do that, is there any reason I shouldn't drill and tap it for a front stop? The Bomb 3-way doesn't like the old set screw in the return spring trick (it doesn't have enough forward adjustment) so a front stop is my only real option for trigger adjustment without buying a different 3-way.
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    I cannot think of a reason not to. Front stops are an invaluable feature of all my favorite frames.


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      Thanks for the input. I'm confident in my ability to do it, I just didn't know if there were any cons to it that I hadn't heard about. Especially since this Shocktech frame is somewhat rare.