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PE Feedneck Mod

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    PE Feedneck Mod

    I've got a local shop that might be able to mill down the neck on my prostock however chances are they cant cut in the small groove. I really like the PE low rise feednecks (also have a spare one ready for use) and am trying to be cheap AF with this marker for now. Will the clamping force of the bottom set screw be enough to hold this in place or is there a high risk of the feedneck and hopper flying off midgame?

    Related question, do the ego dimensions hold true for the PE necks?

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    Another option is to have Nummech do it... although it will be empire, not PE. They are a similar style, but I'm pretty sure they are different dimensions. $22.49 with return shipping is a pretty good deal.
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      I offer the milling. $45plus shipping each way. I can do pretty much anything including the groove. Just tell me exactly what you want and if you have the spec even better. I have plenty of examples of work I have done if you would like to see them.

      I will warn you of a few things the pe feednecks are not all flat on the bottom so it will limit how low you go depending which feedneck. I recommend you send the feedneck you plan to use with the body.

      Next nummech does a great job with his press in adapters, but it takes time as it is custom work and gets added to a pile. I would not expect a 2 week turn around. Especially with them working on the mag frames and bodies that he is trying to finish. I would ask him what the lead time on a feedneck mod would be. He does stay very busy.

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