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    Just wanted to give a shoutout to Josh - I took delivery of an R7 today to cover for a slam changer/slide order placed years back. Been a rough road but kudos for making good.

    Glad to hear!


      huh. good to hear, would explain the rumours of increased numbers of R7s in the wild I'd been hearing.


        About damn time, cheers nonetheless!
        💀 PK x Ragnastock 💀


          Huh, well, good for him.
          Dulce et decorum est pro comoedia mori


            Awesome. And...PICS


              I messaged him on a Kijiji add for a Czech PGP clone. I asked him if he'd take an R7 as a trade. Here's what was said...

              Me, "Trade for an Avratech R7?"

              Josh, "Already have 50 of those"

              Me, "Satisfying orders for them then?"

              Josh, "You bet, new variants gradually rolling out too. Making one piece gated feed and pump handles now"

              So, fingers crossed for those folks who have paid for one.
              BigRed's feedback


                I miss the Avratech drama thread from the old MCB


                  Here's my personal take on the situation, I was never close to Josh, but we talked from time to time and had some contact because we were both moderators on pbnation.

                  I was one of the people who ordered an R7 with a couple of options, I liked him and the marker so I had no problem helping a start up. As time passed and a couple of marketing videos showed up on youtube it was evident to me that he was heading into trouble. The amount of people involved along with the property they were on showed that it was just a matter of time before the overhead was going to crush them. R7s were never a product that would sell in droves. Unless part of a different revenue stream it should never have left the made in a backyard shed stage, but it did and it killed it.

                  There was a waiting list just before the collapse, I told Josh that I'd give up my spot to someone behind me on the list because I wasn't going to be playing much in the coming months anyways. He told me that I shouldn't do that without stating a reason, I insisted and a short time after we all know what happened. Talking to him in the time after he did tell me that he wanted to set things straight with everyone,

                  He was never a bad guy out to screw anyone over, just wasn't ready for the reality of operating a business. If anything the thing he's guilty of was growing his overhead too fast expecting sales of a niche product to cover it.
                  I respect him for giving his passion a go, not many people get off the couch to even try. How the immediate aftermath turned out perhaps not so much, it could and should have been handled better.

                  Anyways, that's my two cents. I'm glad he's in a place now to catch up.


                  Guess my old account is gone due to some purge or another, stopped playing many years ago and just came by to see if anyone I knew were still out there. Hi Harbinger if you're around.


                  • Carp


                    Editing a comment
                    Oh ,he's around in ways. @Harb has now banned you....from beyond! RIP Harb

                  That sums it up pretty well.

                  I have no doubt Josh had all the best intentions and ended up getting in over his head. It was the way he delt with it that ended up turning the whole thing sour.

                  I am really really glad that people are slowly getting their compensation.
                  I doubt I will ever receive mine, but I would rather everyone else get theirs anyway.


                    Originally posted by Stilgar View Post
                    It was the way he delt with it that ended up turning the whole thing sour.
                    This is precisely why the whole situation erupted as it did. I think most people are understanding about the intricacies and complications from running a small business, but when you lash out against customers when they're demanding what they were promised it flares up tensions and escalates the problem further.

                    I've always been curious about R7s, but the drama and price formed a combination that made me decide against pursuing one.

                    That being said if anyone wants to bring one to Slim's I've love to take it for a spin

                    💀 PK x Ragnastock 💀