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Zero Recoil Operating System

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    Zero Recoil Operating System

    Just picked up a Kaos off of Ebay. Is leaking down the barrel and won't re-cock due to a bent valve spring. While shopping for replacement springs I stumbled upon the Zero. Most of the research I have done has led me to believe this was marketed on the higher end Zenith, but has anyone used it on any of the other markers? I am assuming that they are all machined the same.

    ANS website says it is compatible with Blitz and Kaos markers. I have a Zenith, zero system works pretty well.


      The Azodin Kaos-D I used to have came with one. You could effectively change valve spring tension from the front of the gun , as if you were swapping out valve springs, say with a maddman kit. You might need to put a reg on this gun to get the full benefits.
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      Meleager7 Feedback:


        I think I picked up a Kaos 3 given the color scheme. It is the tan and brown. This is my first stacked tube blowback since my fleet of Spyders in the early 2000's.


          Zero will for any of the Kaos series markers but to actually utilize its benefits you need a regulator. Just as stated above.