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Azodin Valve Spring Kit?

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    Azodin Valve Spring Kit?

    Is anyone familiar with what kind of spring kit would be most akin to the valve spring? I'd assume either Spyder or Autococker but I have neither a Spyder nor cocker (I can crack open at least) to see.

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    cut spyder hammer springs should work, from what i remember standard azodin valve spring is longer than a spyder valve spring or sheridan/cocker valve spring. been a while

    i do remember that the azodin zero system valve spring has an identical OD to a pgp hammer spring. i use one of those exact springs on a k-framed sheridan for the hammer spring and it gives perfect velocity


    • Jonnydread


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      Yep cut Spyder springs should work fine, the Azodin valve spring is a good bit longer, but the diameter is about the same.