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is the zero system worth it?

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  • iamthelazerviking
    commented on 's reply
    Solmangrundy glad I found this. Was considering the KD2. Now I think I'll just try for a Kaos 2 instead. Less things to mess with.

  • Solmangrundy
    It can be very finicky

    In theory it sounds good. But in practice its just adding an extra problem.

    Problems I've experienced with the KD2 is not getting high enough velocity and double shots caused by the valve still dumping air while the bolt is cocked back.

    Of course they're remedied by playing around with the zero system. But IMO they basically took a reliable gun and made it as finicky as an autococker.

    great gun to play around with if you're the tunner-type. But if you just want a gun you can grab n go and rely on to work properly, I dont advise.

    Another big complaint is after you get the gun tunned. The vibrations from firing will knock it out of tune,, so its a constant battle keeping the gun working like you want it.

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  • Toestr
    I haven't personality used one of these, but I have done low pressure/lightly sprung blowbacks before.

    The zero system basically just lets you adjust valve spring tension, which can in turn allow you to back off on reg pressure (not an option on the stock blitz 3), and/or spring tension. The lightest sprung blowbacks can pinch field grade paint pretty regularly, and sometimes mid grade. That's not really an issue because you have eyes.

    Whatever proper electro will handle fragile paint better than this no matter what though.

    With that being said, you won't get the same kind of value in a per dollar basis in your situation. In the case of the dye/proto you mentioned as an alternative, I've heard and seen both these and azodins having issues. I'm not sure how much can be attributed to mistreatment, and how much to design though.

    If you're playing some sort of league, I might stay away from the azodin, but if it's just a field run tournament then I'd say you're fine. Just make sure you have the appropriate modes.

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  • Shoggoth
    started a topic is the zero system worth it?

    is the zero system worth it?

    Hey MCB, I've got an Azodin Blitz 3 I picked up off a buddy for like 20 bucks. its fun and my first electro in like 12 years. I'm considering doing some small tournaments this year. So I'm thinking of getting the zero system, but is it really worth it? how soft on paint is it really? Should I get it or just pick up something like a Rize? thanks for the help.