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Question for Kaos Lovers

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    Question for Kaos Lovers

    Hey, new here. I have a question for the Azodin fan boys. I just bought a KPC and I am loving it. Next I plan on getting a new Semi-Auto; So to the Azodin fans out there, should I get a Kaos3 or a GoG eNMEy?

    I had a KP3 and liked it, nothing to write home about, but a solid entry level pump.

    If you're deciding between the kaos3 and the enmey I would go with the enmey. The kaos is a thoughtfully designed blowback, but it is still a blowback and will have the inherent drawbacks. I really like my enmey, it's light and gentle on paint and can shoot decently fast. I'm a huge fan of the trigger, it feels almost like a hinge cocker because the bolt stays back if you hold the trigger back. Takes a bit more practice to get used to than something like an Emek, but I really enjoy the feel of it.
    💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


      In a similar choice a few years back, I picked the enmey, and feel like I made the right choice. The enmey trigger feeling is a pleasure to use, as mentioned that hinge Cocker feel really makes you feel connected to its shooting. Its also smoother, faster, gentler on paint, an quieter than the kaos.

      Some reasons to think about the kaos though would be if you have a nice cocker threaded barrel kit that you can’t or don’t want to buy other backs for, the enmey is using gog/ion threads. Or if you have a strong preference for that stacked tube feel, the enmey sits closer to your hand as a single tube spool. The Kaos is also less expensive and would probably sit in a bag longer without problems due to having fewer critical o-rings, so it you are playing budget rec ball and are just looking to have something in your bag as a ‘I feel outgunned’ backup that you aren’t going to use much and never maintain, then the kaos would also be a good choice.

      I do find myself wanting a KD-2 frequently just to see what its like (and I like the flashy colors)...