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Help -how to assemble a G6R without pinching the wires, and are 4C eyes worth it?

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    Help -how to assemble a G6R without pinching the wires, and are 4C eyes worth it?

    I pinched the eye cables on my G6R when I was servicing it. Not the first - or the last - time with a Bob Long marker...
    Anyway, I spent more than an hour, trying to get the frame back on, without piching the cables. So how in the name of Bork do you assemble the G6R without pinching the eye cables - or assemble it at all, actually... I consider myself to be a quite adept tech, but I cannot get the blasted gun back together without the cables getting in the way.

    Also, one of the eyes are busted (the right one). Is it a relevant upgrade to get the 4C eyes over the 2C ones? Bear in mind that I will need a new set of eyes anyway. Personally I will only use the G6R for recreational play, or more likely as a loaner, but it will infuriate me to no end, if I chop a single ball due to a worse set of eyes. If the 4C ones are advisable, where do I get them? Every webpage I have visited are all sold out.
    Got Bork?

    If you don’t set the board at a high level of fire you might find a chop in a string of shooting example once I tried at 25bps just for fun with a rotor in a non-game setting. Can’t say if it was hopper, Barrel or eye related but I found 3 chop in a hopper from a onslaught. With a marq from a friend and 4C I had no problem keeping up(no high rate of fire) and no chop all day.


      I can’t afford shooting over 12.5 over here :P


        If I recall correctly I always used to start the screws to hold the frame to the body, and then I would have a free hand to guide the wires in place before sliding it together.