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Anyone got an Aegis/Avenger VL marker handy?

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    Anyone got an Aegis/Avenger VL marker handy?

    Can you measure the diameter/threads on the volumizer? I'm curious if it fits a raptor.

    Be advised that the vertical ASA threads from this family came in both left and right handed threads...
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      Volumizer threads on Avenger are the same as, or close enough to those on a spyder. Way bigger than a Raptor.

      I vaguely remember Diamond Labs may have made one for a Raptor back in the day, but that would be rediculously had to find. The F1 was the inspiration for the Raptor, but they stopped making those before volumizers were a thing. The F4 should have a smaller front plug like a Raptor, and a few volumizers were made for that, but still hard to find and might not be exactly the same threading.

      So what's the end goal? Raptor already have a pretty large valve chamber volume.


      • MrKittyCatMeowFace
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        In my case to make the marker look pretty
        Im gonna look into if a f4 front volumizer will thread into a raptor. Your right about diamond labs, they made valves to for the raptor and bolts I believe too.

      Yeah, they did, but diamond labs closed in like 99 and became tribal for a while. Rhine Joe also made them, but that's even more difficult to find. F4 or Griffin may be worth a try.


        There is a new one on eBay for an F4, but those threads don’t look the same as a Raptor. I once tried a valve plug from an F1, but it didn’t fit.


          Looks like it'll have to be a custom job.